The medieval charm of Apricale for a fairytale wedding

Tucked away in the hinterland of Bordighera town, in the far west of Liguria, is a small village with a charming, romantic and mysterious name: Apricale.

The name is said to derive from the Latin “apricus” meaning exposed to the sun, and would seem to refer to the extraordinary location of this ancient village perched on the top of a high hill in the Merdanzo Valley.

Apricale stands out imposingly amidst the surrounding hills, immediately revealing its peculiar beauty and its picturesque suburb made of old stone houses winding along the steep hillside.
Known and counted as one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy brand, Apricale is one of the favourite destinations for lovers and weddings in Liguria: a unique and romantic setting to celebrate your fairytale love story.

The many ancient mule tracks will lead you to the heart of the village, which extends below the fascinating Lizard’s Castle, a medieval fortress, where you can organise a fairytale wedding ceremony. In this noble residence you will also find charming hanging gardens and a beautiful ballroom that you can use to set up your wedding banquet.
Apricale will win you over with its romantic and scenic atmosphere, rich in history and culture, in a dreamlike dimension far from the noise of the city.

You can stroll along its stone streets, wandering through its dense network of alleyways made up of ups and downs, stairways and covered passages carved into the rock.

You will discover a village that has been able to protect and maintain its medieval charm and where you can organise a perfect hillside wedding, combining the flavours of tradition with the modernity of the many murals painted on some of the façades of the houses in the centre of the village.

This village will provide a truly scenic and unique setting to celebrate your love on your most beautiful day.

Let yourself be enraptured by this extraordinary gem of the Ligurian hinterland where time seems to be suspended, poised between past and present.