Camogli, a precious watercolour in the Ligurian East Coast Riviera

When the ferry arrives at Camogli, you will be breathless.

You will be greeted by the splendid view of the small harbour with its colourful boats ready to set sail, and you will fall in love with the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta overlooking the beach and which has always characterised the landscape of Camogli.

The buildings along the promenade, all coloured with Ligurian pastels, overlook the pebble beach where the waves lapping on the shore make a special music with pebbles. The music of the sea backwash will be the background to your love story or your candlelit dinners on the many sea-view terraces that Camogli offers to its visitors.

The shops and restaurants will welcome and pamper you during the day and on your summer evenings in the East Coast city. The beauty of Camogli will restore your love: the ecstasy of a sunset seen from the Ruta di Camogli, the view of the coast from the Church of San Rocco, a magical place for weddings, a splendid spot on the Ligurian Riviera where you can exchange a promise of eternal love.

In these places, sea and mountains are intertwined in intimate contiguity. To reach the romantic Punta Chiappa, a place where one can really get in touch with the magic of the Mediterranean, one can only proceed on foot along the road from the Church of San Rocco down to the sea, or by ferry, sailing from the small port of Camogli.

Beyond Punta Chiappa, if you wish, you can reach San Fruttuoso di Capodimonte, a well-preserved property of the National Trust of Italy FAI, a precious gem untouched by modernity and the passage of time, practically unchanged from the Middle Ages to the present day, first pleasant retreat for religious people, today a precious sanctuary for the emotions of visitors and lovers who will never forget this splendid place in the Portofino Natural Park.

You will not forget the time spent in San Fruttuoso di Camogli, the arrival by ferry, the chirping of the cicadas on hot August days, the sunset tinged pink behind the ancient Doria Abbey.