His Majesty… the Vermentino wine

After drinking Vermentino last weekend, I cannot forget it.

Yes, in the province of La Spezia, Vermentino has no less than three C.D.O. wines: “Cinque Terre”, “Colli di Luni” and “Colline di Levanto”.

And it is precisely these three products that make me proud to be from Liguria. As you drive along provincial “dei Santuari” road No. 51, which you can also follow on foot through the vineyards, you will be enraptured by the breathtaking scenery that will appear before your eyes: winding hills with their vineyards, some of them overlooking the sea, where in the distance you will gradually recognise all the villages that make up the Cinque Terre.

Seeing so much beauty you can’t help but stop, take a photo and share it! Along the route, you will encounter the three “cru” sub-zones of the “Cinque Terre” C.D.O.: Costa de Campu di Manarola, Costa de Sera di Riomaggiore, Costa de Posa di Volastra.

These are the territories where vines are cultivated. Moreover, their exposure and geographical condition allows for the production of the best Vermentino. During the trip, also discover that Vermentino is a white wine that gets better the older it gets.

In fact, if you have the patience to wait even 4/5 years before drinking it, it will give more satisfaction to your palate, a bit like the great French white wines.

So much so that at the Liguria da Bere event, a challenge was launched between Liguria and its French neighbours: Vermentino – Oysters (from La Spezia) Versus Muscadet – Oysters (French).

To learn more about the “Colli di Luni” C.D.O., the focus is on Castelnuovo Magra to visit the Cantine Lunae. You absolutely must try “Mea Rosa”, a rosé wine made from black Vermentino grapes that, together with bottles of Vermentino from the Cinque Terre and Colline di Levanto, I brought home with me and will be happy to share with my family and friends.

The beauty of wine is just that, being able to drink it together with those you love.