Five Ligurian carnivals that you cannot miss

The great Carnival party arrives in Liguria: get ready, among disguises, games, confetti, masks, jokes, pancakes and sweets: all you have to do is have fun! Here are five Ligurian festivals from January 22nd to February 26th 2023

Carnival in Savona: come and meet King Cicciolin!
The king of the Carnival in Savona is King Cicciolin, the typical local mask, designed in January 1953 by the ceramist and painter Romeo Bevilacqua, for A Campanassa. A traditional and heartfelt appointment at the Carnival in Savonai which will allow you to get to know the city, its historic center and its traditions. Between Torretta and Campanassa, the two symbolic buildings of the city, the Carnival parade will take place on 22 January with many masks, and games for the little ones.

carnevale di Savona

Carnevalöa in Loano: the largest Carnival in Liguria
It is the largest and most extensive carnival in Liguria. From January 29th to February 26th 2023 the entire city will be full of masks for a one-month-long celebrations, jokes, float parades, and pots. Get the confetti ready!
“Beciancìn” will open Carnevalöa: it is the official mask of Carnevalöa. The starting event will be the Grand Parade of Masks with many delegations gathering from all over Italy every year. Here you can experience face painting, afternoons dedicated to the children, pot pots and jokes. Moreover, the Palio dei Borghi and Palio dei Comuni float parades will close the festival.
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Carnival, children’s party in Cairo Montenotte
The Carnival of Cairo Montenotte is above all a children’s party.
Nuvarin der Castè, the Castellana, and all of her Court await for you in Piazza della Vittoria, on Sunday February 19th 2023 from 2 pm onwards.
Who is Nuvarin der Castè? He is the official mask of the Valbormidian carnival, complete with a very popular facebook page: 
Many splendid and original masks are expected, and you will be surrounded by many, many confetti.
If you want to be part of the masked groups and float parade, write by February 3rd, 2023 to the following address:

Nuvarin der Castè, Cairo Montenotte
Nuvarin der Castè, Cairo Montenotte

Carnival of the Beautiful and the Ugly in Suvero
There is a carnival party that has no equal in Liguria, linked to lost traditions. It is the Carnival of the Beautiful and the Ugly in Suvero di Rocchetta Vara, in the heart of Val di Vara. It takes place on February 18th, 2023
Traditionally, boys dress up with the same costumes used in the past by their fathers and grandfathers.
The “Beautifuls” wear brightly colored and floral dresses, rich in lace, bows and bells, while on their heads they wear hats made by the same fabric, and decorated with long colorful ribbons, lace, beads and bells.
The “Hughly” wear goat or sheep skins, and on their heads they have long and thick horns. Moreover, their face is painted black or covered with bautte, where the masks have dark and surly features. They wear cowbells tied to their waists, which they constantly shake as they walk.
They parade through the streets of the town, stop at every house and while the owner prepares them refreshments to appease them, the beautiful ones make the women of the family dance, while the ugly ones spare no jokes and pranks. At nightfall all meet to have dinner together.

Carnevale dei Belli e dei Brutti a Suvero di Rocchetta Vara
Carnevale dei Belli e dei Brutti a Suvero di Rocchetta Vara

Carnival of Diano Marina
In 1969, in Diano Marina someone began to celebrate carnival like in Rio de Janeiro: with lots of float parades and joy. The result was one of the long-lasting Carnivals in Liguria and one of the funniest. As an example, in the 1980s all eight floats from the various districts gathered in the “Capannone dei Sorrisi” to set up their creations all together. Since then “i Marmessi”, “i De longu i same”, “i Periferici”, “Perdigiurni”, “Quelli da Sciumaia”, “Goliardi Dianesi”, the “Amixi de Sanbertumè” and the “Foa de testa” parade in the city giving joy and confetti.
This year, the event is held on February 26th 2023, always organized by the Famia Dianese Association with the patronage of the Municipality. At 10.00am you cannot miss the “Carnevale dei Bimbi”: face painting, street artists, music, games and the awarding “Baby Mask “. From 2.30pm to 6pm the traditional parade of allegorical floats with masked groups, majorettes, musical bands and many street artists will take place.

Carnevale Dianese, ph.: Gianluca Gramondo
Carnevale Dianese, ph.: Gianluca Gramondo