Main reasons for visiting the Bric Tana Park

In the Bric Tana Park, in the Bormida Valley, you will find tall limestone spires rising above the river, karst cavities where water hides underground and caves where man left his mark thousands of years ago. You will discover them on a journey from the sky to the ground, from water to rock, from light to dark, just as one of the park’s inhabitants does: the bat.

ArcheoTrekking al Bric Tana
ArcheoTrekking in Bric Tana

Green and grey alternate in a landscape coloured by the rapid succession of cultivated areas and creeks, moving rapidly from fields to chestnut groves to forests of ancient plants. The protected area of Bric Tana and the Valle dei Tre Re is characterised by unique karst phenomena due to the development of underground cavities and special geological terrain, such as the Dolomie di San Pietro dei Monti.
Paths and adventurous routes unite them, for a trek beyond space and time: from the rock engravings of Biestro, to the boulders of the crosses on the ridge of the Bric della Costa, from the altar boulder of the Colla locality, to the menhirs of Millesimo or the Bronze Age archaeological site of Bric Tana. The most beautiful cave is called “Tana dra vurp”: it is about 200 metres long and evidence of an ancient human presence has been found in this cave, which today is inhabited by chiroptera, the scientific name of bats, the cute nocturnal mammals.


However, many treasures are patiently waiting to be unveiled at the Bric Tana Park, as in a treasure chest that is still to be discovered. The undergrowth hides a delicious treasury: the truffle, which Millesimo celebrates every year in September with a festival which is well-known throughout Italy.