Sentiero Blu: Bergeggi’s Marine Trail

A protected path for aquatic activities has been created in Bergeggi. A real “swimmable track” for sea lovers!

Somewhere, in the Ligurian Sea, hidden in an underwater bottle or inside a chest that once belonged to an old Saracen pirate, there must be a map, one of those drawn on parchment with a compass rose, a coast of golden beaches, lush vegetation, and the remains of an old monastery. Right there, somewhere, behold, the much-longed-for and hard-earned red “X”: the treasure’s location. Bergeggi is the island of treasure. Indeed, perhaps that “X” is so large that it encompasses the entire stretch of coast between Bergeggi and Spotorno, with the Marine Protected Area. A true treasure, not even too hidden.

Not far from the coast and the heavily travelled Aurelia, the small Island of Bergeggi is a limestone cone in the middle of the sea that reaches an altitude of 53 metres. Years ago, it was connected to the mainland, but then erosion and the action of the sea condemned (or saved) it to splendid isolation. Humans abandoned it many years ago, but some traces remain: the remains of the monastery built by the bishop of Savona in 992 AD to venerate St. Eugene, bishop of Carthage, who confined himself on the island to escape the Vandals. There are also the ruins of the deportation colony that the Genoese established there in 1385. But since then, the island has remained virtually unchanged. And above and all around, the treasure has grown: incredible nature, an area rich in unique biodiversity in the Mediterranean.

In the sea between Noli and Bergeggi, there is an important Posidonia oceanica meadow, extending for about 83 hectares up to the island. In those depths, there are also algae such as Cymodocea nodosa and Cystoseira, indicators of a healthy environment, not to mention the large coral colonies (of the 117 types cataloged in Italy, 54 are from Bergeggi), gorgonians, anemones, and an incredible fish fauna (who could forget the famous “mechanical shrimp of Bergeggi?) that offers unforgettable moments to divers, open water swimmers, and snorkelers. The incredible clarity of the waters also attracts kayakers and stand-up paddleboarders (SUP) from all over Europe.

la-sughereta-di-bergeggi La Mia Liguria
The Island of Bergeggi

This is precisely the beauty of the island of Bergeggi: its treasure is within everyone’s reach. There’s no need to cross inaccessible forests or overcome cunning traps; everything is right here, in Liguria, just a stone’s throw from the Aurelia, so close that many reach it by swimming, as during “Swim the Island,” one of the most exciting open water swimming events in Europe. The location was even awarded the Blue Flag in 2021 for the quality of its waters and services.

Bergeggi truly allows everyone to dive into its treasure.

“The uniqueness of Bergeggi lies in its small size: with 50% free access to its beaches, it offers family-friendly tourism with minimal impact,” said Simone Bava, a biologist responsible for the Marine Protected Area (MPA) “Isola di Bergeggi.”
“We are about to undertake an important project to delimit navigation routes with numbered and georeferenced swimming buoys. The ‘Sentiero Blu di Bergeggi’ will be created, a trail for snorkeling and swimming activities, easily recognisable and accessible, right in front of the Bergeggi coastline. This is aimed at promoting nature, scuba, and sports tourism, from snorkeling to freediving and open water swimming.”


I fondali di Bergeggi
The seabeds of Bergeggi

How will this route be?

“The route will be established in waters where motor and sail navigation is prohibited during the six summer months. It will be 200 metres from the beaches and 100 metres from the cliffs, marked by 27 buoys anchored to the seabed. It will essentially be a true ‘swimmable track’ dedicated to those who want to swim peacefully in these waters, far from boats. This is part of the NEPTUNE Project, a cross-border cooperation programme between Italy and France aimed at promoting the sustainable development of recreational and professional underwater activities, ensuring and enhancing the protection of marine and coastal habitats with high natural and cultural value. Today, besides the Alta Via for mountain lovers, there is also a Blue Trail for those who love swimming and continue to discover the treasures of Liguria.”

Sentiero Blu Bergeggi
The blue path in Bergeggi


Grotta Marina a Bergeggi
Grotta Marina in Bergeggi


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