24th Edition of the International Dubbing Festival: “Voci nell’ombra”

The International Dubbing Festival “Voci nell’ombra” will take place in Savona from November 27th to December 3rd, 2023. The grand award ceremony will be held at Palazzo Ducale in Genoa on December 3rd. 

Voices that accompany us in our dreams: those of dubbing actors, professionals in Italy who give voice to the great protagonists of cinema and global series. 

The Festival 

In its 24th edition, organised by the cultural association RisorseProgetti & Valorizzazione and directed by Tiziana Voarino, the festival will be held from November 27th to December 3rd, 2023, between Savona and Genoa. This year, it will be dedicated to Dario Penne and Michele Kalamera, both of whom will receive the Career Achievement Award, the highest recognition awarded by “Voci nell’Ombra.” Dario Penne, who passed away last February, dubbed Hollywood stars such as Anthony Hopkins, Michael Caine, Christopher Lloyd, Tommy Lee Jones, Ben Kingsley. Michele Kalamera, who passed away last July, dubbed for Clint Eastwood, Steve Martin, Robert Duvall, Donald Sutherland, among others. 

The Programme

The programme includes awards for excellence in dubbing for cinema, television, audiovisual products, and more. There will be dubbing masterclasses, study days, and talks dedicated to cinema. The not-to-be-missed honourary evening at Palazzo Ducale in Genoa will feature the presentation of the Golden Rings to dubbing excellence. 

Locandina Generale XXIV Edizione Voci nell'Ombra 2023
Voci nell’Ombra 2023

The History 

Created in 1996 by Bruno Astori, with artistic direction by the famous film critic Claudio G. Fava (who is honoured with a special award), the festival initiated the first Italian operation that highlighted dubbing in Italy. In recent years, it has addressed crucial themes such as cultural accessibility and the enjoyment of audiovisual content for sensory-impaired individuals, as well as environmental sustainability. Over 330 awards have been given by “Voci nell’Ombra” over the years. 


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