Genoa’s Must-See Exhibitions and Museums

Exhibitions and museums in Genoa: Wolfsoniana, Chiossone, Villa Croce, Castello D’Albertis – the city offers a winning hand of art. 

Of course, there are the grand exhibitions at Palazzo Ducale, the two National Galleries and the Palaces of Strada Nuova. But in Genoa, art and culture extend beyond the boundaries of the most well-known locations. A city with a rich cultural heritage and unmissable venues, in the fall and winter, Genoa presents a winning hand. 


The magical setting of the Nervi Parks, a splendid green oasis overlooking the sea, is where you’ll find the Wolfsoniana, a showcase of 20th-century art. From October 27, 2023, to May 19, 2024, it hosts “Ponti e pontili. Intorno al progetto di Armando Brasini per il ponte sullo stretto di Messina,” curated by Matteo Fochessati and Anna Vyazemtseva. The exhibition will display architect Armando Brasini’s designs for the bridge over the Strait of Messina, on which he worked from 1955 to 1963, along with a wide selection of artistic and documentary materials, many of which are unpublished, all from the collections of the Wolfsoniana. 

Wolsoniana. mostra Ponti e Pontili
Wolsoniana. Ponti e Pontili

Chiossone and His Japan 

Located in the Villetta di Negro Park, in the heart of the city, the Chiossone Museum of Oriental Art, until January 14, 2024, is hosting the exhibition “Chiossone and His Japan.” This exhibition dedicated to him retraces his life and the historical events that subsequently led to the creation of the most important museum of Japanese art in Italy. On display are true masterpieces of Japanese art history, including paintings, woodblock prints, porcelain, and bronzes. Curated by Aurora Canepari. 

Chiossone. mostra

Castello D’Albertis, the Shape of the Wind 

Until January 28, 2024, in the castle with a breathtaking view of the sea and the port of Genoa, which alone is worth a visit, you can explore “La forma del vento – il volo a vela e l’arte degli aquiloni nella tradizione giapponese“: a fascinating journey into the millennia-old history of gliding flight and the Japanese art of kites. With a special section dedicated to Ukiyo-e prints from the classical Japanese tradition. 

Castello D’Albertis. The shape of the wind

Visibilia Exhibition at Villa Croce 

Another enchanting place with a sea view, set in an urban park in the Carignano district, Villa Croce is an important Museum of Contemporary Art. Until January 8, 2024, it hosts the exhibition “Visibilia,” curated by Isabella Puliafito. It’s a collection of carefully selected works, chosen in collaboration with each artist to become a narrative. The works cover a wide range of visual explorations, from digital and non-digital photography to acrylic painting, from video to neon, from projections to installations with various materials. There are around thirty artists featured. 

Visibilia.Villa Croce

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