Nervi Music Ballet Festival 2023

Enjoy the magic of ballet and great music in the Nervi Parks from Wednesday 28 June to Monday 31 July 2023, with a preview dedicated to Mario Porcile on 17 and 18 June

The magic of the Nervi Parks. The suspense atmosphere of summer evenings. Figures swirling in the melody. The Nervi Music Ballet Festival 2023 will be staged at the Genova Nervi Parks from 28 June to 31 July 2023, with nine ballet performances and six concerts including some Italian premières.

Short preview on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 June, with Il Sogno di Nervi. The International Ballet Festival Memorial is a two-day event dedicated to the memory of the founder of the International Ballet Festival of Nervi, Mario Porcile and his Stars.

It will start on Wednesday 28 June with Rumore Raffaella Carrà Dance Tribute, an event dedicated to Raffella Carrà, directed by Sergio Iapino, and then it will begin with the international étoile on stage from 2 July and the inaugural show: The Soirée Rachmaninoff will pay an homage to Sergei Rachmaninoff on the 150th anniversary of his birth. Beatrice Rana and Massimo Spada at the piano with some of the Russian composer’s best-loved preludes and sonatas interacting with the dancers on stage and with cellist Ludovica Rana, and the interpretation of some of Rachmaninoff’s letters.

The programme is full of events, ranging from galas to contemporary dance, rock opera, as well as from Russian to French, Iberian and, of course, Italian culture.

There are also many concert dates with great conductors, from Dorian Wilson to Fabio Luisi, Álvarez and many others, from great classical music to jazz.

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