Science Festival 2023: Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability

The Science Festival, a major international scientific event, returns to Genoa from October 26th to November 5th 2023.

The event is aimed at science enthusiasts, families, and the world of education. 

Over 250 presenters, including university students and young researchers from all over Italy, guide audiences of all ages through the latest scientific discoveries, making learning and exploration enjoyable. 

The festival takes place at Palazzo Ducale and other locations in the city, with a common theme for each edition. This year’s theme is ‘Imprints‘,  accompanied by a logo designed by the talented Ligurian artist Elena Di Capita using the traditional Japanese technique of fish printing, called “gyotaku.” 


Topics and Activities 

Among the themes covered during the 2023 event, sustainability stands out, an issue more relevant than ever and the subject of a series of events in Piazza delle Feste at Porto Antico, the beating heart of the festival and the location of workshops for children and teenagers. The Genoa Science Festival will also engage in a significant reflection on artificial intelligence and robotics, areas related to the challenges of sustainability and affected by the most intricate ethical issues of contemporary society. 

As in previous years, the event will involve about fifty of the city’s major recreational spaces and cultural/museum centres, from Palazzo Ducale to the Galata Maritime Museum. Scholars, school groups, families, and curious individuals can participate in numerous conferences, exhibitions, performances, and workshops, including the exhibition “Antropocene: The Earth in Iron and Fire,” at the Ducale organised by the National Research Council on the occasion of its centenary. 

Special mention is also given to initiatives related to reading, a fundamental tool for scientific dissemination and information, which will be celebrated parallel to the “Genoa Book Capital 2023” project until the spring of the following year. 

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