Discovering the Ancient Roman Road in the Sestri Levante Plain

Perhaps not everyone knows that between Cavi di Lavagna and Sestri Levante, you can find one of the most beautiful and historically rich itineraries in Liguria. It’s a short route suitable for everyone, young and old.

Start from Palazzo Fascie to explore the path of the ancient “Roman road” and discover hypotheses about the oldest routes: the debated chronology of the five bridges of the Valle del Fico, which were erroneously labelled as “Roman” for many years, and the Mediterranean scrubland, offering glimpses of the sea and the Sestri Levante plain.

Recommended equipment includes; hiking boots with a rugged sole, a water supply, a waterproof jacket, and a sun hat.

For more information, you can contact the MuSel – Archaeological Museum and City of Sestri Levante: 0185/478530 –