Donna Roa Marenca: Crossing the Piedmont and Liguria through the Ligurian Alps

From October 8th to 10th, 2021, the “Donna Roa Marenca” event took place, dedicated to 20 women bikers who set out from Prato Nevoso (CN) to Finale Ligure (SV), two must-visit destinations for outdoor enthusiasts.

Along the route, the participants had the opportunity to visit the main points of interest, taking a real journey into the past and living an unforgettable experience in this region that straddles Liguria and Piedmont.

From the Alps to the sea, from Prato Nevoso to Finale Ligure, a route of about 150 km that crosses the territories of numerous municipalities between Piedmont and Liguria, discovering centuries-old traditions that have united these two regions for thousands of years.

A tourism and territorial marketing project dedicated to outdoor activities was born on the ancient connection routes between the Piedmont and Liguria provinces, including some sections of the Via Marenca and the ancient Salt Routes, which outdoor enthusiasts can experience.

Step by step, pedal stroke by pedal stroke, an interregional route spanning thousands of years of history is rediscovered.


  • The Itinerary:

Starting from Prato Nevoso, follow high-altitude trails through the wonders of Valcasotto. You’ll be crossing some of the ancient Napoleonic routes, uncovering local stories and legends. The destination is set in the village of Ormea, where the bikers will spend the first night.

The second day leads to the wild and mysterious territories on the border between the two regions. Departing from Ormea and arriving in the beautiful and enchanting village of Castelbianco, famous for its Colletta. During the journey, there is an opportunity to learn about local history and traditions, visit ancient castles, and taste the best dishes of the local cuisine.

On the third day, starting from Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena, it’s time for the Ligurian Riviera di Ponente, with an appointment in Finale Ligure, the capital of outdoor activities known worldwide for the myriad activities available in this place. This descent from the Alps to the sea takes you through the wonders of the Ligurian hinterland: villages, ancient sanctuaries, enchanted forests, and unique views of the mountains and the sea.

The event was organised by the Social Promotion Association Sentieri 2M in collaboration with the Liguria Region, Piedmont Region, Regional Agency for Tourism Promotion “in Liguria,” the Municipality of Finale Ligure, ATL Cuneese, Prato Nevoso S.p.A., and Finale Outdoor Region.