Finale Ligure: 6km of Pure Fun on the Roller Coaster

Just as you can’t go to Naples and not eat pizza, you can’t go to Finale without trying the Roller Coaster!

I burst into laughter when my friend from Finale told me this. But when it comes to friends, especially if they are “locals” who love downhill biking, you should always trust them.

And so, the day of my first Roller Coaster finally arrived, and everything was perfect: a group of friends, sunshine, mild temperature, the desire to ride and have fun. Between conversations, the uphill climb seemed less strenuous, and we reached Colle del Melogno. Time to put on helmets, masks, knee pads, and off we went, starting the descent. Now I understand what my friend meant: this trail contains 6km of pure enjoyment! It’s never overly complex but far from plain. There are some rocky sections that challenge us a bit, but always with a smile on our faces! Plus, jumps and dips alternate with flowy sections where we continue to have a lot of fun. Okay, this trail is 100% approved by the entire group, almost as enjoyable as a Neapolitan pizza!

Before concluding our day, we decided to ride “il Cacciatore” as well. We started from Madonna della Guardia (by the way, this spot offers excellent views and is an ideal place for some relaxation), down this trail with a distinct personality.

It begins fast, with some jumps here and there, nice curves that are quite “educational,” and then it flows away like that, to give its best towards the end, when the terrain becomes more challenging.

Just when you start thinking it will never end, you catch sight of some houses among the trees. You then think you’ve survived another day of riding in Finale. But if you want some advice, don’t relax too much – il Cacciatore keeps you in its grip until the last metre!