In Molini di Triora, an XC Trail

One of the areas definitely worth exploring by bike is the one around Molini di Triora. Here, a beautiful XC trail of approximately 30km begins, offering a great solution for both those who want to train and those looking for a relaxing ride to discover the territory. I chose the latter option, and I’ll tell you what I encountered during my tour.

The trail starts right from the square in the charming village of Molini di Triora, heading towards Triora.

After an initial stretch on asphalt, the route becomes a dirt road and leads you through the hamlet of Vignago, where the first section of a beautiful single track begins, taking you to Goina, a well-maintained area with its stone houses.

A descent on a white road leads to Triora, where it’s definitely worth taking a break to admire this characteristic village known as the “witches’ village.” In the past, Triora was also known as the “granary of the Republic of Genoa,” and to this day, they produce excellent bread here, which I highly recommend tasting!

It’s hard to get back in the saddle after such a peaceful break, but the desire to continue and see what this route still has to offer is strong. After retrieving the bikes, there is a stretch on asphalt, followed by a return to pedaling on a dirt road towards Creppo.

From Bregalla, a region that was once rich in pastures, wheat, and vineyards, you’ll encounter a downhill section first on a mule track and then on asphalt until you reach Loreto, with its few houses clinging to the sheer cliffs. The rocks of Loreto are well-known among free climbing enthusiasts, and on the high bridge, which is 112 metres high, it’s not unusual to see people practicing bungee jumping over the deep gorge through which the Argentina River flows.

Once you’ve passed the bridge, unless you’ve decided to take the leap, you’ll soon pick up the trail that leads back to Molini.

If you still have the desire to refresh yourself, make a detour to the enchanting Lago Degno for a rejuvenating 10-metre high dive!

A little hidden paradise, but within reach of bikers.