In the heart of the ancient maritime republic

On departure from Savona, paying attention to the passing boats, we then follow the outer breakwater along where we see the walls of the imposing sixteenth-century Priamar fortress overlooking the sea, the symbol of the city. We are in the heart of the Ligurian Riviera, with beautiful sandy beaches and small, ancient fishing villages.

The journey west follows beaches and cliffs until the view opens to the beautiful Bergeggi Island, surrounded by a marine protected area. The coast is characterised by limestone cliffs forming small coves with pebble beaches and caves of various sizes right at sea level.

If the sea is calm, we can approach the Marine Cave, a spectacular natural and landscape feature. Leaving the island behind, we enter the municipality of Spotorno with beach resorts and equipped beaches. The view of the tower of Monte Ursino Castle announces our arrival in Noli, the “fifth maritime republic.”

The small village as well as Varigotti are worth a visit, along with the natural area of Punta Crena and its wonderful beaches.