Rifugio Argentea: A Balcony Over the Sea

Rifugio Argentea, with 15 sleeping spots and access to the kitchen, is one of the most beloved refuges for hikers in Liguria. There are several ways to reach it. You can take the route from Faiallo, following a scenic road cherished by motorcyclists. Start from the well-equipped area next to the La Nuvola sul Mare hotel, following a trail that is part of the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri.

First, you’ll follow a well-sheltered descent, and then you’ll enter a forest. After just five minutes on the trail, you’ll fall in love with this place. It’s like a fairy tale forest, with tall and lush trees spaced just right for the sunlight to filter through, painting every shade of space. Here, you’ll find two large refuge houses with green shutters closed. Identical and close together, with an old fountain in between. They look like the homes of giant gnomes, straight out of a Hansel and Gretel tale.

Begin the ascent along the narrow trail. The blooming daffodils, white anemones, and pink flowers like cushions on the rocks. Glittering green valleys. The freshness and simplicity of the mountains.

You’ll reach the summit after an easy climb, but the spectacle is breathtaking. Behind you, the Alps, recognisable peak by peak, in front of you, the sea, Tuscany, and Corsica. But you can also see the harbor of my city, shimmering on the sea.

Walk along the ridge, a few clouds paint the sky, and the wind tousles your hair and puffs up your jackets. The refuge is now close, where you can see Punta dell’Argentea. Down there, ready to welcome you, is a small stone cottage, perched on the most panoramic spot.