6 Perfect Spots to Share A Kiss in Liguria

Romantic, historic, magical: here are the perfect kissing spots in Liguria Fairtytale like villages, parks stuck in time, natural landscapes where you can heal your heart. You won't have to search far to find the perfect spots to share a kiss in Liguria. This year, we saw your love story partake in the new campaign of the Liguria Region #LiguriaDaBaciare

The Empress's Promenade in Sanremo

The Empress's Promenade in Sanremo A dive into the Sanremo of yesteryears, just steps away from the Casino and the Russian Church: the Empress's Promenade is among the most romantic places in the City of Flowers. Its name comes from the Empress of Russia, Maria Alexandrovna, daughter of Tsar Alexander II, to whom Sanremo and the Liguria region owe much of their beauty and image. After a long stay in Sanremo in 1874, she donated a large sum to adorn the city with palm trees that characterize it today. Today, her bust still enjoys the sun among the palm trees along the promenade, just as she and many of her countrymen did in the late 1800s, such as the great writer Lev Tolstoy or the musician Tchaikovsky, and all the couples in love strolling hand in hand. For the perfect kiss, head to the end of the promenade, in front of the statue of Primavera.

Alassio: a kiss on the promenade

It's perhaps the most photographed promenade in Italy: those who pass by the western riviera and are accompanied by their loved one usually make a stop for the customary photo next to the famous statue of the lovers of Alassio. Lovers from every country come here in front of the large tile of the sweethearts made based on a drawing that Rajmond Peynet donated to Mario Berrino in 1971, and under the statue of the lovers, which, made in bronze by the sculptor Eros Pellini, has since 1969 become the symbol of Valentine's Day. It's also romantic to stroll in the narrow streets, as well as exchange the famous and delicious "Baci di Alassio" (Alassio kisses).

Boccadasse and Nervi: leave your heart in Genoa

From Boccadasse to Capo Santa Chiara, the most romantic seaside village in Genoa. "Once upon a time there was a cat..." wrote Gino Paoli, looking at the village of Boccadasse. And that cat is still there: on the small beach, along the dry dock, inside the ancient boats. A favorite place for lovers and incurable romantics, today as it was a hundred years ago: climb the streets perfumed with sea salt and paved with pebbles and bricks, up to Capo di Santa Chiara, a perfect place for a kiss. Further east, Nervi overlooks a long cliff where a suggestive and romantic walk dedicated to Anita Garibaldi unfolds: two kilometers of terrace overlooking the sea, between the parks and the rocks. It's impossible not to fall in love with the Genoese sunsets, and a kiss in the shadow of the last sun is inevitable.

Camogli: the city of a thousand hearts

Camogli is the most beautiful and romantic village in the Golfo Paradiso, with its tower houses painted in vibrant pastel colors and its historic center, typical of Liguria. Nicknamed the "city of a thousand white sailboats," it's also the city of a thousand hearts: fishing nets made of coconut fiber hung in the village collect messages from lovers. What do you say about hanging yours there too?

Porto Venere

"My dear little one, I write to you perched on a mountain at the end of the Gulf of La Spezia. It's a quiet and delightful place, with a mild climate and perfect terrain for walks." So wrote George Sand, the pseudonym of the French poet Amandine Lucie Aurore Dupin, about Porto Venere in 1855. Everything in Porto Venere has a romantic and poetic spirit. And it's no coincidence that this village has always been one of the most beloved and frequented places by poets and artists. Watching the horizon among the islands of the Gulf of Poets, strolling through the historic center with the row of pastel-colored houses reflecting in the calm sea of the harbor, reaching the cave dedicated to George Gordon Byron from which you can admire one of the most beautiful sea views ever: the whole universe of Porto Venere speaks of love. The church of San Pietro, with its Romanesque loggia extending over the rocky promontory, is certainly a must for a kiss on the infinite.

La via dell’Amore

On one side, the rock, as solid as the feeling. On the other, the sea, boundless life companion. The Pathway of Love, a symbolic trail of the Cinque Terre between the villages of Riomaggiore and Manarola, is about to reopen. On June 8, 2023, the first stretch of about 170 meters was reopened, which is 20% of the overall path of about 900 meters that will definitively reopen in July 2024. It's worth celebrating it with a long, intense kiss!

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