10 Places to Fall in Love in Liguria

Seaside villages. Bays at sunset. Heart-pounding trails. Here are 10 places to fall in love in Liguria.

There are many breathtaking places to share a kiss in Liguria. At sunset in Camogli, on the beach in Varigotti, at dawn on the bridge in Dolceacqua, or amid the pastel colours of the Cinque Terre
Throughout the stunning region, there will be romantic themed settings where you can take memorable, frame-worthy photos with your loved ones.

Dolceacqua, the flavour of kisses:

Those you could exchange atop the famous bridge that captivated Monet or those you might steal away in the narrow alleys of the Téra district, the oldest part of the village, amidst Rossese wine cellars and picturesque views. Or the one you could taste: the Michetta, the sweet of Dolceacqua, and you’ll realise how short the canals are that lead from taste to the heart.

The story of the Michetta is another reason to taste it: it tells of the cruel Imperial Marquis Doria and the institution of the jus primae noctis: every bride had to spend the first wedding night with the marquis. Lucrezia and Basso, in love with Dolceacqua, decided to marry in secret. But the Marquis found out: he had him arrested and dragged her into his chamber. Then, seeing her resistance to lying with him on the first wedding night, he had her imprisoned in the castle dungeon. But Lucrezia let herself die rather than yield to him. Basso then managed to sneak into the palace and threatened the marquis to kill him if he did not withdraw the jus primae noctis. So it was. It was the day of Ferragosto. Since then, August 16th has been the day of the Michetta Festival: local women, in memory of Lucrezia, knead a sweet with flour, eggs, sugar, and olive oil, the “Michetta,” exactly. And they gather in the square shouting “Omi, au, a michetta a damu a chi vuremu nui”: “Men, now we give the michetta to whom we want!”

Le Michette, dolce tipico di Dolceacqua
Le Michette, typical sweet of Dolceacqua

Montalto: a romantic village

Montalto’s reputation as a “romantic town” stems from legend, according to which a couple of lovers found protection in the Middle Ages from the schemes of the perfidious Count Oberto, who tyrannised the population and enforced the jus primae noctis. Today, beyond the legend, it remains a place celebrated by Cupid, complete with the Loggia degli Sposi and a historic centre that is stormed by lovers eager to stroll through its cobblestone streets, narrow and evocative alleys, and stone walls.

Montalto ligure
Montalto ligure – credit drone_fabry

Imperia: the Lovers’ Promenade

A destination acclaimed by couples is the Lovers’ Promenade, named after Domenico Moriani but known as such for its romantic and scenic beauty. The route, entirely pedestrian, takes about ten minutes and connects Borgo Foce to Borgo Marina, the ancient seaside villages of Porto Maurizio, which, animated by the life of the harbours, offer typical views of Liguria. The promenade winds along the cliffs overlooking the sea, amidst typical Mediterranean scrub bushes that emit intoxicating scents and aromas.

Imperia, passeggiat degli Innamorati
Imperia, ‘passeggiata degli Innamorati’ – credit imperiacity

Cervo: Romantic Coral Heart

Among the most photographed villages for its romantic beauty is Cervo, with its continuous ups and downs, a village clinging to the hill overlooking the sea and alleys from which ancient windows peek out. The almost obligatory stop for couples is the churchyard of the Church of the Corallini, on the balcony square overlooking the Ligurian Sea. Craft shops and typical restaurants provide the backdrop, telling the story of one of Liguria’s most romantic villages.


Alassio: A Selfie on the famous wall

It’s perhaps the most photographed wall in Italy: those who pass through the western Riviera and are in the company of their love often stop for the customary photo next to the famous statue of lovers in Alassio. Lovers from every country come here in front of the large tile of the sweethearts, made based on a drawing that Rajmond Peynet gave to Mario Berrino in 1971, and under the statue of the lovers, which, made of bronze by sculptor Eros Pellini, has become the symbol of Valentine’s Day since 1969. It’s also romantic to stroll through the alleys, as well as exchange the famous and delicious Baci di Alassio (Alassio Kisses).

Il Muretto di Alassio
The wall in Alassio

The Bridge of Kisses in Osiglia

In Osiglia, a small village in the province of Savona, on the borders of the Val Bormida surrounded by forests and famous for its artificial lake, you will find a very special road sign: “Kiss… please.” You will immediately realise that it is not a prohibition sign, but rather advice, an invitation inspired by the panorama and nature around the lake.
The sign is on the Manfrin Bridge (named after the designer), which crosses Lake Osiglia, a reservoir created between 1937 and 1939 by the construction of the Osiglietta dam. From there, you can take the Dam Tour, a cycling or walking route along the entire dam to fully appreciate its nature.

Il Ponte dei baci a Osiglia
The Bridge of Kisses in Osiglia

Noli: Enchanting Setting for a Chocolate Kiss!

A medieval village overlooking one of the most beautiful beaches on the Riviera di Ponente, Noli is another ideal place for those seeking romance. Delightfully tranquil, rich in charming views, Noli preserves a spectacular historic center, where you can stroll with your loved one and enjoy the traditional Baci di Noli, chocolate biscuits perfect for the occasion. Let yourself be enchanted by a dinner of fresh seafood…


The seductions of Genoa

Genoa is undoubtedly a city for lovers. And on Valentine’s Day, especially in the evening, when many corners of Genoa turn into romantic spots.
This applies to Boccadasse, the romantic seaside village par excellence, to the seafront promenade of Nervi, where the slightly old-fashioned nineteenth-century street lamps are designed to create the perfect soft lighting and atmosphere. And then how many will want to kiss, this time with the sunny panorama, on the Castelletto esplanade? How many will stroll through the avenues, symbols of the romantic era themselves, designed by Michele Canzio at Villa Durazzo Pallavicini in Pegli? Compared to the past, the new Genoa offers new perspectives for lovers. Like the splendid view of the Lantern that can be enjoyed from the promenade of the Cotton Warehouses, in the Porto Antico area. And also Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza Sarzano, corners revived from an Ancient Genoa. Who knows if coins will be tossed into the fountain in Piazza De Ferrari or into the well in Piazza Sarzano. And who knows if the wishes expressed will come true.


Camogli: The City of a Thousand Hearts

On Valentine’s Day, Camogli, the “city of a thousand white sailboats,” also becomes the city of a thousand hearts: coconut fiber nets hung in the village collect messages from lovers. What do you say about adding yours too?
There are many cultural events for lovers: poetry readings, exhibitions, meetings, and concerts with artists, poets, writers, painters, photographers, enthusiasts of beauty, and lovers of love.
Camogli’s restaurants will have a menu for couples and will offer the highly sought-after Valentine’s Day Souvenir Plate in Camogli, with a different image every year, which over the years has become a true collector’s item.

San Valentino, Camogli
The heart frame, Camogli

Portofino, Kisses from VIPs

Glamour par excellence, Portofino is a perfect place to pledge eternal love or ignite the spark. Kissing in the little square on Valentine’s Day or for some personal anniversary is a must. Just like waiting for dusk for a romantic walk to the lighthouse to admire the sunset. Ideal appetizers before a candlelit dinner in one of the many restaurants.


Sestri Levante: Choose Which Bay to Fall in Love…

Hand in hand, on the golden sand of the Bay of Silence: an unforgettable experience for any couple in love. But Sestri Levante, with its views, its two bays, the ancient village, and the Annunziata promontory that looks like a postcard, is certainly one of the capitals of romance. It’s no coincidence that poets, writers, painters, and artists have followed one after the other here as well. The memory of Hans Christian Andersen, for example, is still alive in the name of the Bay of Fables, the other gulf that characteries the city of the two seas.

Sestri Levante
Sestri Levante, watch the sunset from the Bay of Silence.

Manarola steals hearts

Another place: the Cinque Terre cannot be missed, and Manarola is a metaphor for romance and one of the most well-known and frequented locations in the world for couples. Manarola, a symbol of these wild places rich in ancient passion, is the epitome of romance. It’s fantastic to watch the sunset hand in hand in the harbour, stroll along Via Discovolo, the soul of the village, and be captivated by the charm along the path leading to Punta Bonfiglio.


The Pathway of Love

On one side, the rock, solid like the feeling. On the other, the sea, an infinite life companion. The Pathway of Love, a symbolic trail of the Cinque Terre between the villages of Riomaggiore and Manarola, is about to reopen. On June 8th, 2023, the first section, about 170 metres long, was reopened, which represents 20% of the overall path length of about 900 metres that will reopen in July 2024. It’s worth celebrating with a long, intense kiss!

La Via dell'Amore
La Via dell’Amore