Rossese: the rocks wine

The Rossese, or rather, Roccese. Strangely enough, the wine made in Dolceacqua, and its surroundings (especially Soldano) was renamed “Rossese” to become something more “winey” and commercially attractive, but perhaps less true and genuine.

In fact, the old name “Roccese” tells the true story of this vine: a product that is born and cultivated on rocky terrain. — Cultivated directly on the rock — The name Roccese tells the story of an area where, over the centuries, life has had to fight an endless battle against the harshness of a wild land.

Arriving in Dolceacqua, you will find a village with a nativity scene made of pieces of history and going up to Soldano – where the Guglielmi, the Anfosso, the Giuncheo and the Cane farms continue to fight against nature and rocks – you will understand why Rossese-Roccese is a unique product.

A figure of the calibre of Napoleon Bonaparte, a born fighter and therefore sentimentally close to the winegrowers of this valley, tasted the wine of Dolceacqua. The emperor fell in love with this product during a visit to the ancient Doria family, to the point of having several barrels of it sent to both Paris and Italy for his military campaigns. But he was not the only one who was enchanted by this wine.

Also Pope Paul III claimed that Roccese wine gave him energy.

Even Paolo Massobrio, journalist and food and wine expert, was captivated by the Riviera wine: “A great Italian red wine, which I like very much. I like it because in the best bottles I find that savouriness that comes from Liguria, and it is a wine that goes well with the dishes of the Terre Intemelie, not only meat but also fish. I am thinking of cod and stockfish, for example, which are the basis for some delicious recipes here”.

For connoisseurs or enthusiasts, here are some addresses: Tenuta Giuncheo in Camporosso,, Tel. +39 0184 288639; Giobatta Mandino Cane in Dolceacqua, Tel. +39 0184 206120; Terre Bianche in Dolceacqua,, Tel. +39 0184 31426; Poggi Dell’elmo in Soldano, Tel. +39 0184 289148, Anfosso Estate in Soldano,, Tel. +39 0184 289906; Kà Manciné in Soldano,, Tel. +39 0184 289089.