Monesteroli: the staircase with 1,200 steps

Monesteroli is a hamlet in the Cinque Terre, made up of a handful of rural houses, old wine cellars and rows of vineyards peeping out this fantastic place between Cinque Terre and Porto Venere, which are two of the most beautiful places in the world. The uniqueness of this village lies in the fact that it can only be reached by docking at a small berth and then walking up the famous grand staircase: 1,200 steps that are truly unique among itineraries in Liguria.

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You will have to reach Campiglia, the highest hamlet of La Spezia, which can be reached by car but also by the Atc bus. Many paths start here, all well signposted. The correct one is number 536. It is worth stopping to admire the panorama from Campiglia and also to visit the 14th-century church of Santa Caterina.

The grand staircase

Here you will start your long descent to the sea to reach the first step, followed by another 1,200 steps passing through forests and vineyards. An original and absolutely fantastic trek, scenic but not suitable for everyone. You need a lot of stamina, you cannot suffer from vertigo and must be fit. Of course, during the ascent you can stop to look at the panorama and rest. We recommend you to have a cap on your head and a water bottle full of water.

Biassa and Monesteroli

You will arrive among the vineyards and cellars, which historically belonged to the inhabitants of Biassa, where the harvested grapes underwent vinification, transported on the shoulders along the steep steps. Only natural sounds of wind and waves break the silence in this enchanted village, clinging to the rock, on the edge of the sea.

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