Montale and the poetic trek

If you want to know the Cinque Terre in depth, you must read Eugenio Montale. Prose and poetry. The only vade mecum that really works in this part of Liguria. In this enchanting place, you can walk along a loop trail in Monterosso, to walk along the high paths of the village dear to the Nobel Prize winner for Literature.

Departure from the village of Monterosso

The itinerary starts from the village of Monterosso, along the path that from Via Roma climbs up the Morione Valley: here we encounter imposing sandstone walls built with lime binder that enclose ancient lemon orchards. As you climb up, the scenery changes and - amidst the coolness of holm oaks, cork oaks, chestnut trees and strawberry trees, alternating with vineyards and olive groves - you will reach the Eremo della Maddalena where, near the historic vineyard, one can appreciate the bio-installation

Up to the Mesco promontory

As you follow the trail, you will encounter ancient serpentinite rocks, magmatic rocks then argillites and Gottero sandstones that, on the Mesco, occur in powerful layers and cliffs. The landscape becomes lunar, juniper, myrtle and helichrysum stand out among the colours of the Mediterranean scrub. Among strawberry trees, cysts, and other essences, among which the Santolina Ligustica stands out, you will reach the Eremo of Sant'Antonio immersed in a timeless atmosphere.

Back downhill

To return to Monterosso, take path 590, to the Yellow Pagoda, the villa of the two Palms, summer home of the poet who wrote Cuttlefish Bones. A plaque engraved with the verse

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