The Alta Via dei Monti Liguri trekking: a wild setting between sea and sky

Over 400 km along the Ligurian Alps and Apennines, between Ventimiglia and Sarzana, either on foot or by mountain bike, 43 stages between snow-capped peaks and the blue of the sea. This route runs over the mountains and touches the sky: the Alta via dei Monti Liguri is a set of paths and mule tracks, practicable all year round, that connect the ends of the Ligurian Riviera from Ventimiglia to Ceparana, from the Province of Imperia to the Province of La Spezia. The red-white-red markings with the initials AV identify the entire route on well-trodden paths, crossed by other paths descending from the Apennine ridge down to the sea, so that the entire crossing can be interrupted at any time in order to get some rest. Paths have various levels of difficulty: you can choose between multi-day treks and even pleasant walks lasting only a few hours, starting from road passes and arriving at the nearest peaks. Along the entire route there are several accommodation facilities where you can refresh yourself and taste local specialities for a true encounter with Ligurian flavours. A true journey, which can be travelled in sections, among natural, artistic and historical beauties, in the wildest Liguria yet to be discovered.

Province of Imperia

Set off from Ventimiglia along the Testa forest passing by the fossilised cliffs of Roverino, through terraced olive groves and Rossese vineyards up to high altitude amidst blooms of thyme, lavender and rare alpine-type flora and along the evocative Sentiero degli Alpini route, a path carved into the rock during the Second World War that stretches along the slopes of Mounts Pietravecchia and Toraggio. From there you will enter the Park of the Ligurian Alps, cross the Brigasche lands of Realdo and Verdeggia, and reach the summit of Mount Saccarello, the highest in Liguria (2,201 m).

Province of Savona

In the province of Savona, you will discover three stone giants, M. Galero, Rocca Barbena and M. Carmo di Loano, with their environments and special microclimates that allow the presence of typically Nordic species such as bilberry, dwarf juniper and rhododendron. Enter the Melogno beech forest, which has been a vital green area for the local people for centuries. Continue through the woods like a rampant Baron and enter the Adelasia Nature Reserve to enter the Beigua Park at Colle del Giovo. Here, the Alta Via is very close to the coast at an altitude of 1,000 metres.

Province of Genoa

The Genoa area is characterised by history and almost alpine scenery: from the Bric del Dente to the fortifications of Bric Geremia to the Sacrario dei Martiri del Turchino, the scene of the massacre of partisans and political prisoners in 1944. In the background, you can admire the beautiful Gorzente lakes. Near Genoa, between the Alpesisa and Candelozzo mountains, you will find the abandoned villages of Canate and Scandolaro. Enter the Antola Park, the Mountain of Genoa, and marvel at its daffodils. Mount Caucasus and Ramaceto are a natural amphitheatre for a panorama of the whole of Liguria.

Province of La Spezia

To the east on the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri (AVML) you will discover ancient places and traditions that are still alive today: medieval trails at the Bozale Pass, glacial lakes on the western slopes of Mount Aiona or the Cento Croci Pass, an ancient pass between the Republic of Genoa and the Duchy of Parma. Continue into the Vara valley, between the alpine flora of Monte Gottero and the Foce dei Tre Confini, the watershed boundary line between the Republic of Genoa, the Duchy of Parma and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. From there, with your gaze between the Gulf of Poets and the Apuan Alps, through the passes of Calzavitello, Rastello and the Alpicella Pass you will arrive at Ceparana, the eastern end of the ALML on the borders of the Montemarcello-Magra Park.

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