Once upon a time Apricale

Once upon a time there was – and there is still today – a stone village surrounded by western Liguria mountains, inhabited by cats and storytellers, kissed by sun and fortune.

It is said that the village was built on the edge of a hill where it seemed the sun never set. By trade, this village, as small as it is magnificent, continues to be the natural backdrop for tales to be told to travellers passing by. Signs, letterboxes or simple flowers. Every corner of the village is a riot of colours that will capture your eyes and leave you speechless.

As Apricale is a medieval town, the king, queen and princess of the kingdom are certainly not missing from the roll call, elegantly facing the window of the Lizard’s Castle.

But Apricale’s wonders don’t end there… Looking up to the sky, you can admire a bicycle pointing towards infinity at the top of the castle tower.

Incredible emotions and feelings will arise as you stroll through the narrow streets of the village perched on the sun-kissed hillside. Dreams and illusions will animate your return journey, as you think back to the stone village inhabited by cats and storytellers who made its history a legend.

Surrounded by the unspoilt nature of the Nervia Valley, you will find yourself admiring the sea just a few kilometres away, immersed in a breathtaking environment full of wonder that hides age-old secrets, ready to be revealed.