Agenzia In Liguria deals with territorial marketing and with the promotion of Liguria, working in close contact with the bodies, institutions, and economic operators of the Region.


In 2024, Liguria brings forward an integrated document which, for the first time in this form, includes marketing, promotion and communication actions developed through Agenzia In Liguria and Liguria International, following the strategic inputs of the regional council and with the supervision of the Presidency, as regards all communication aspects.

The 2024 strategy arises from careful and timely listening to stakeholders. The world of tourism, industry and citizens are the foundations on which the plans with which we intend to promote our region take shape. Liguria has great qualities and great potential: both must be developed, always starting from the real needs of those who live and work in Liguria.

Starting from the analysis of system data and a reading of the strengths and weaknesses of the regional system, the marketing plan establishes the main strategic lines and identifies the areas of intervention, for each of which the 2024 objectives are defined and the actions to achieve them.

The operational plans of Agenzia in Liguria and Liguria international originate from the strategy outlined in this document, which are, respectively, the tourist promotion and territorial marketing agency of the region and the company, also owned by the Ligurian Chambers of Commerce system , dedicated to the implementation and coordination of regional policies regarding internationalization.

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Enhancement of the gardens of the Franco – Italian Riviera 2

In line with the cooperation actions undertaken during the first JARDIVAL project (ALCOTRA program 2014/2020), the JARDIVAL 2 project aims to improve the attractiveness of the cross-border territory, increasing the visibility and attendance of the gardens of the Italian-French Riviera.

These gardens, created on both sides of the border between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, represent an important dimension of the natural, historical, cultural and architectural heritage of this area. The project aims to redevelop, protect and enhance these exceptional places, which represent a real resource for the promotion of sustainable, diversified and seasonally adjusted tourism throughout the Italian-French Riviera.

Moreover, these places require and deserve the adoption of common valorization tools, which make it possible to highlight a global cross-border tourist offer capable of intercepting visitor flows in the best possible and sustainable way.

The project includes 7 heterogeneous partners, owners and managers of prestigious gardens that are points of reference at a regional, cross-border, national and even European level, and institutional partners that have expertise in tourism development and promotion.

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The multi-year project aims to survey and promote Ligurian excellence through the collaboration of private and public stakeholders, to give a primary role to all productive and tertiary sectors of excellence, from the agri-food prodution chain to service and technological companies; from the nautical sector to tourism, sports and leisure sectors, from crafts to art and culture.

• Intense (from 2019): Alcotra community project in which Agenzia In Liguria is the implementing body of the Liguria Region for itineraries connecting with the Sentiero Liguria

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• MITO (from 2019): two Alcotra community projects (Mito 3 and Mito 5) in which Agenzia In Liguria is the implementing body, together with Parco Alpi Liguri, for the promotion of the outdoor tourism in the areas on the border with France, Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta.

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• Milano Sanremo del Gusto (2017): the interregional project with which Liguria, Piedmont and Lombardy match, for the first time, the agri-food sector with experiential tourism: the MILAN-SANREMO is thus no longer just the legendary cycling competition but becomes a wine&food itinerary to discover recipes, flavours, unique sets, and to live unforgettable experiences.

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• Enhancement of DOP oil, wine and basil from Liguria

• Training for Ho.Re.Ca operators in January and February

• Appearance at consumer events with graphics and materials focusing on the project

• Delivery of "Food Ambassador" boxes to influencers, sportsmen and entertainment personalities

This is the tourism portal where individual operators can upload their own experience offers for tourists to enjoy an active holiday, full of passion, fun and relaxation. The key elements are:

• Experience-based tourism

• Cross-themed proposals

• Direct channel between operator and consumer

• Presence on a wide-reaching showcase

• Research and discovery of the area in alternative ways

• Circulating experiences via regional social channelsi

Actions undertaken by the Agenzia in Liguria:

• Approval and verification of operator requirements

• Supporting operators when uploading offers

• Detailed targeting of different offers by type of segment, price and location with a logical proximity to the most popular location

• Storytelling and enhancing the blog section

• Promotion of activities through seasonal communication campaigns

Events and fairs where the values of the region and its excellence can be presented and promoted to the market


• ITINERANDO (travelling experiences) - Padua Exhibition Centre, 29/30 January 2022

• Salon du Randonneur - Lyon, 25/27 March 2022, (8 operators), 14,157 visitors

• DDiscover Italy - Sestri Levante, 7/8 April 2022 (12 operators), 4,500 visitors

• BMT - Naples, 18/20 March 2022

• BIT- Milano, 10/12 April 2022 (27 operators), 40,000 visitors

• MICE – Meet In Liguria

• Full contact PCO - Milano Marittima, 23/24 May 2022

• MICE TRADE SHOW - Venice, 2 workshops from 30/06 to 01/07 and from 01/07 to 02/07


• Vinitaly - Verona, 10/13 April 2022, 88,000 visitors

• Outdoor Festival - Cannes, 29 April/1 May 2022

• Advertising initiatives and campaigns (TV and social)

• Collaboration with local authorities

• Editorial activities (social&web and press office)

• Production of printed material and gadgets for distribution at trade fairs and consumer events

Objective: promotion and communication of the area's highlights and events, aimed at different targets

• One integrated portal: creation of an integrated digital system to ensure better information and coordination between the different portal content that, to date, operates independently on the web

• Information to the outside world: higher quality information to all the Agency's stakeholders thanks to the new integrated portal, which aims both to provide information to tourists wishing to spend time and holidays in the region, and to provide support to the network of companies in the area, requiring a guiding figure such as Agenzia in Liguria itself with this new platform

• A single editing team: coordination between the editorial offices managing the "La Mia Liguria" brand and the sharing of the flow of information in order to improve the multi-directional collaborative and communicative relationship between the organisations involved (Agenzia in Liguria and Regione Liguria)

Since the end of April, the campaigns have also been developed and carried out in collaboration with the Regione Liguria editorial staff.

The most significant initiatives were:

• Euroflora (april-may)

• Sardine Entierro Festival (21 May)

• Transumare Festival (23-28 May)

• Palaces unveiled (2 June)

• Opening of the olive groves (18-19 June)

• Jova Beach Party (17 july)

• Liguria 77 (summer campaign)

• White Nights Liguria 

• Canalis winter/summer/autumn campaign 

• MITO 3 (European Project – Outdoor Off) in partnership with the Ligurian Alps Regional Park Authority

• MITO 5 (European Project – Outdoor Experiences) in partnership with the Ligurian Alps Regional Park Authority

The editorial activities carried out on social media are closely related to the previously mentioned advertising campaign activities.

Besides this, Agenzia in Liguria carries out ordinary activities to promote the region and Liguria's identity issues.

The relevant social networks are:

• @turismoinliguria/@liguria (FB/IG/TW/YT), representatives of the "La Mia Liguria" brand

• @beactiveliguria (FB/IG).

The editorial activities carried out by the Agenzia in Liguria press office consist of:

• creation of radio campaigns

• relationships with advertising agencies

• organisation of press conferences and delivery of press kits (editorial texts and photos)

• editorial projects (Sea&GreenLiguria)

• direct relations with national and foreign media for sending editorial material, photos and news about the area, as well as contact with tour operators

• organisation of 12 individual press education events (between January and June) for the national and foreign press, also on the occasion of events in the area (Oliveti Aperti – collaboration with the Qualivita Foundation; Mito Outdoor Off project – collaboration with the Ligurian Alps Natural Park)

• relationships with ENIT's international press office for the upload of editorial material, photos and other multimedia content in the drive shared with the Italian regions, for the communication campaigns and advertorials they sponsor (KOMOOT, OUTDOOR ACTIVE Germany, Woman.at, etc.)

• relationships with the Ligurian Regional Government's press office to send press releases to the local press concerning the Agency's activities in Liguria Events distributed in July and August as part of "Sciacarée-the Outdoor Festival"


Experience Liguria

Liguria is a land of nature, good taste, culture and villages, family activities, sea and sport, art and city life. Follow your passion and enjoy tailor-made experiences!



Food Ambassador Project by Liguria

A project aimed at introducing and promoting Liguria's food and wine excellence through activities and events that support the entities and brands involved in the promotion of Liguria's three PDO products: wine, oil, and Genoese basil.  


Food & Green Village

The taste of sustainability: the "Food & Green Village" is the first major event dedicated to Slow and Sustainable Tourism in Genoa from 24 to 26 May 2019: the Albaro Arena transformed into a large global village to focus on climate change, the circular economy, micro-productions, foodtourism, and agribusiness.


TravelArt - Liguria City Game

Becoming a protagonist and playing with art... Leading a lost traveller or setting off on a virtual journey through Liguria's maze of labyrinths, solving the mysteries scattered throughout the area to reach the finish line first


Surf the Mountain

An original and unique event on the weekend of 23 and 24 March, in the shadow of the Mont Blanc slopes, for the twinning of Portofino and Courmayeur and the celebration of the reopening of the road between Santa Margherita and Portofino after the devastating storm 


Moscow and St. Petersburg Roadshow

Roadshow to present "destination Liguria" and its tourist attractions to Russian tour operators and trade press, thereby strengthening institutional and economic ties between the Liguria Region and the Russian Federation: two presentations in Moscow and St. Petersburg in conjunction with the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.


Progect Intense

Alcotra Community Project in which Agenzia in Liguria acts as implementing party for routes connecting with the Liguria Trail


MITO Project

Two Alcotra community projects (Mito 3 and Mito 5) in which Agenzia in Liguria is the implementing party alongside the Parco Alpi Liguri identified by the Liguria Region for the promotion of outdoor tourism in cross-border areas bordering France, Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta.  


Promotional event in Stockholm to mark the Nobel Prize award ceremony

Organisation of the promotional event organised in Stockholm by the Ligurian Region to mark the Nobel Prize awarding ceremony, with sampling of typical products as well as the sending of Sanremo flowers like every year.


Pasta Pesto Day

The whole world united in one flavour for an event in solidarity! Pesto is the star during the "Italian Cuisine Week around the World" from 19 to 25 November, under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies. Choose a dish of pasta with pesto at participating restaurants and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the City of Genoa, for initiatives in favour of those most affected by the tragedy of the Morandi Bridge collapse.


Get Your Liguria Experience

A format for planning and narrating tourism with the aim of presenting and promoting the different travel and holiday experiences in Liguria. Sixteen traveller-influencers from different countries around the world challenged each other to build four themed experience-based itineraries by creating a multimedia narrative.


Milano Sanremo del Gusto 

The Interregional project with which Liguria, Piedmont and Lombardy unite the worlds of agrifood with experience-based tourism for the first time: the MILANO-SANREMO is no longer just the legendary bicycle race, but becomes an itinerary of eating and drinking, discovering recipes, flavours, unique places and experiences to be lived.


Project "Royal Residences, Villas, Castles and Historic Gardens" 

This project involved Liguria in partnership with Lombardy, Piedmont, Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Lazio, each with its own treasure chest of castles, historical residences, villas and gardens, to create tourist products and promote innovative cultural tourism experiences not only on the domestic market but also on international circuits and in the cinema. Events, brochures, videos and meetings to promote the villas and gardens of Liguria from east to west.



New interpretations of the Ligurian tourist scene, travel proposals, itineraries, videos, events and rallies: motorbikes, road bikes or mountain bikes... as long as there are two wheels!


Love me in Liguria

International wedding planners discover the most romantic and enchanting locations and tourist spots in Liguria and meet professionals and handicraft experts: with oranges, business also flourishes 


Beactive Liguria

What do you need to organise your active holiday in Liguria? Itineraries, GPS, specialised services, qualified hospitality and expert guides. We are the Eldorado for lovers of mountain biking, trekking and the sea, we have the most beautiful cycle paths by the sea in Europe and specialised services in every area.


Contest Zooppa

Video contest by Liguria on a specialised platform www.zooppa.com to describe all the special features of Liguria with innovative images. Video contest launched again in the year 2018. Many videos took part, 10 videos won prizes.


L'Altra Riviera

A project financed by the Rural Development Plan in cooperation with the GALs and aimed at promoting tourism, heritage, food and wine and craftsmanship resources of all the inland Ligurian localities.



Annual event from 2013 to 2019 with international Buyers invited to take part in an educational tour to discover the Ligurian region and a commercial workshop with the Sellers of the regional offer. Major commitments, in line with our strategy of sustainable and "experience-based tourism" and a model based on B2B and direct relationships with buyers.


Camping Weekends in Liguria

3x2 weekends to extend the tourist season: from the Riviera di Levante to the Riviera di Ponente, bathing establishments, hoteliers and tour operators have mobilised to anticipate or extend the summer. 


Blog Liguria Speaks

Launch of the regional tourism blog "Liguria Speaks", which gathered contributions from users and the editorial staff to report on Liguria's tourist attractions live 


Italy Golf & more

Hole in one! The golfing paradise in Liguria for a year-round philosophy of life. Experience Liguria as a backpacker means savouring its nuances and an ideal climate in the 11 regional courses, with a varied offer of clubs complete with restaurants, clubhouses, terraces and pergolas where you can relax all year round 


Facebook & Instagram & other social media 

Opening Facebook social channels @Liguria, Instagram @turismoinliguria, Twitter @turismoliguria, Pinterest @turismoinliguria e YouTube @TurismoinLiguria


Strattour project

EU-funded project (Alcotra) for the joint development and promotion of tourism by the five neighbouring regions: Liguria, Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta on the Italian side, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur (Paca) and Rhone-Alpes on the French side 


Terragir project

A project aimed at promoting an integrated tourist appeal, protecting the quality of products, encouraging proper food education and enhancing the elements of character and excellence of a given territory. Regional development requires competitiveness and innovation in the cross-border rural area. The project was financed by the ERDF, the European Regional Development Fund within the framework of the Italy-France "Maritime" cross-border cooperation programme.