Liguria for explorers

There, between the stars and the sea. Among hills, mountains and natural parks. Between treasure troves of culture, unexplored gems and wonders of yesteryear. There, among the villages, is paradise for those who seek beauty in small things. 

Holidays in the VILLAGES

In Liguria, beauty reigns in every corner. Wherever you turn as you travel through this region, there is an enchanting panorama to immortalise and take with you. But there is a kind of beauty behind the coast that not many people know. It's is a real paradise for those who go beyond appearances and want to explore, search and find the unknown.

In this constellation of the most beautiful villages in Italy, each has a unique story to tell. These are stories to be experienced first-hand, made up of unprecedented tales of the inhabitants, of traditions that are still alive and beloved today, recipes, typical produce and wines and culture preserved in castles, fortresses and museums


Unmissable events

Itineraries in the villages

The wonderful colourful villages overlook the sea, from the Cinque Terre, those of the hinterland, from Dolceacqua to Varese Ligure, the pearls nestled in the mountains, from Pigna to Triora. Find your the right itinerary for you and start exploring.

Look up, immerse yourself in the Middle Ages, enjoy the wonder for a few minutes and photograph a memory to take forever with you. If this is your favourite holiday moment, discover La Mia Liguria's WOW tips, gems and places. 

I love the Liguria that smells of voices, wind and basil. The Liguria of alleys and carrugi, where nothing is taken as given

Village Experience

Excursions and bike tours through nature and castles, walks in vineyards with tastings, treasure hunts in the alleys and experiences to evoke local traditions with your own hands. Browse, book your favourite experiences and leave for a trip in the charm of the Ligurian villages.