Liguria breathes in the wind

The snowy mountains dominate the sea, the winds pervade every "caruggio" (alley), the villages are coloured with lights, and you can see the sea from the snowy mountains. Winter awakens a totally new Liguria that is delicate, calm, harmonious and authentic.

Winter in Liguria

While Liguria is bustling with visitors in summer, in winter it's more authentic and reveals its essence. When the temperatures drop, but still remain mild, nature offers new scenery and the locations reveal themselves in their own quiet beauty.

The electrifying charm of a sea-view ski run, the sparkling glow of villages and Christmas markets, the scent of local cuisine flowing through the narrow streets of the seaside and mountain villages, the energy of wild and galvanising nature. An never before seen Liguria awaits you for your winter holiday, with taste, the great outdoors and culture.



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That explosion of flavours that reveals sensations you've never felt before, that view that makes your eyes shine with wonder, that experience that everyone should have.

This is the WOW factor that makes a trip to Liguria a memory to keep for a lifetime and a story to share with the people you love.


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