General Terms and Conditions 

The section Experience Liguria of the portal, made available free of charge by the Agenzia in Liguria to all Ligurian tour operators, aims to promote and communicate the experiential tourism offer of the entire region in order to facilitate the meeting between supply and demand and contribute to the development of new business opportunities between local operators, tourists and visitors.

Through the Experience Liguria section, operators can propose themed tourism experiences related to the Ligurian territory to the public.

Subject to registration in the Operators' Area of the website, all public or private Ligurian operators, such as Tourism or Cultural Associations, Enterprise Networks, Consortia, Travel Agencies/Tour Operators, Tourist Guides, accommodation facilities, Bathing Establishments, Trade Associations and tourism service providers in general, may join the initiative, provided that they are legally qualified and authorised by the competent authorities to carry out the proposed activities, as well as complying with all legal administrative requirements.

The experiences are put online by local suppliers from all over Liguria. Proposals and all textual and multimedia contributions (texts, photos, videos, graphics, audio and video materials, logos, images, links, etc.) are entered by Ligurian operators on the platform under their full and exclusive responsibility and in a completely autonomous manner by filling in a form.

Agenzia's staff in Liguria will, before final publication, check the formal correctness of the experience uploaded by operators, adapting the textual content for purely promotional purposes if appropriate, also reserving - at its own discretion - the right not to publish proposals considered inappropriate and inconsistent with the project. It is prohibited to include personal data relating to third parties, images of minors unless you have formal authorisation, contributions that are contrary to public decency or constitute incitement to violence. The operator will be informed of any non-publication and the reasons for it.

The section, via an online form that can be filled in at each experience selected, allows the end user to send an email request - free of charge and without binding obligation - directly to the tour operator for communication, clarification and availability requests.

The platform does not allow the immediate booking and purchase of services; any subsequent contracts for the purchase of tourist services must be concluded directly - outside the platform - between users and the providers of the published experiences.

Agenzia in Liguria does not, however, carry out any kind of check, and therefore assumes no responsibility for the truthfulness of the content proposed, nor for any copyright or intellectual property rights held by third parties, but merely formally checks the content for consistency with the aims and objectives set out in the project, as well as its lawfulness, solely in order to block content that is clearly contrary to the law.

Agenzia in Liguria also does not carry out any checks on the information and materials published by operators and therefore assumes no liability towards users for the incorrectness of the information provided by the operator about theexperience proposals, Agenzia makes no warranty, either express or implied, as to the completeness, timeliness, reliability or fitness for any purpose of such information, and makes no representation or warranty of any kind whatsoever for any damage or loss suffered by you in connection with or arising out of the use of this site and the experience contained therein.

Agenzia in Liguria also gives no guarantee for the quality of the services provided by suppliers and is not liable for defects in the service provision and/or for material damage or personal injury suffered by the user in connection with the services provided. The contact person for the user in case of questions and claims related to the service agreement and its execution is the respective provider.

The information on this site is intended for information and promotional purposes only. With regard to the tourist services published by the operators on the platform Agenzia in Liguria is not a contractual party with regard to either bookings or payments, does not receive any commission on bookings made by users, has no pre-contractual or contractual liability related to the purchase of services.

The Provider is solely and directly responsible to the user and stands surety for the content, nature, accuracy and completeness, truthfulness, and up-to-dateness of his experience proposals, for their compliance with the law with regard to necessary authorisations and the observance of usage and intellectual property rights, and for the quality of the services offered.

Agenzia in Liguria may at any time and at its sole discretion change, add or remove information or functionalities on the platform without giving any particular notice of such change, without removing any information that is no longer current and without reporting such information as no longer current.

These Terms and Conditions apply to all use of the site. Operators uploading their proposals of experiences and end users may only use it on condition that they have read and accepted these conditions.

For all disputes that may arise, the Court of Genoa shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

For all matters not covered by these Conditions, reference is made to the general legal provisions in force and applicable.

For any doubts or need for clarification, Agenzia's staff in Liguria can be contacted at the following email address

(version November 2022)