Liguria for gourmets

The best way to get to know a place is to discover it as if it were a dish. Admire its contrasts, breathe in its scents, sample its flavours, get to know its delicacies.

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Take a journey with aromas of fresh basil, ancient wines, pure oil, sea and land. Take a journey through the local food and wine culture and produce, which will amaze, satisfy and fill all the senses. Take a journey to the region that has brought the excellence of Italian cuisine, such as pesto genovese, to the world.

A holiday can have many memories, but nothing is as memorable as the experience of taste. Visiting Liguria means getting to know every corner of it, letting the ambassadors of regional gastronomy speak for themselves: the Genoese basil D.O.P., Taggiasca olives and extra virgin olive oil D.O.P. Riviera Ligure, the Savona farinata, focaccia from Recco, muscles from the Gulf of La Spezia, the heroic wines from the Cinque Terre and the Rossese from Ponente.


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Food and wine itineraries

From basil to pesto al mortaio, from the harvest to wine tasting, from Genoese focaccia to that of Recco. Every Ligurian excellence is linked to an itinerary that unfolds between terraces, vineyards, farms, shops and restaurants. Choose your favourite and… bon appetit!

A single bite will make you close your eyes, savour and feel an emotion that combines wonder, pleasure, knowledge and ecstasy. Browse the contents selected by La Mia Liguria and get ready to say "WOW"!

With one eye looking to the sea and one to the land, the cuisine of Liguria encapsulates the history of its people

Food Experience

Whether you're a foodie or a passionate gourmand, Liguria will surprise you with engaging flavours and stories. You will discover that behind every product made in the area there is a story that brings together respect for nature, artisanal traditions and a careful balance of flavours.