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Books, films and TV series can project us into imaginary worlds and intangible places. The most fascinating thing is that these places often really exist and are just waiting to be discovered.

ART & MOVIE Holidays

Liguria. It's a word that is like a "clapper board" for our minds, followed by frames that tell incredible stories. These stories of love, of mysteries and cases to be solved, of carefree adventures, of power and action have only one thing in common: the settings.

Genoa in Blanca, Scent of a Woman, Petra, The Day of the Jackal and Stregati, the Cinque Terre in Luca, Portofino in The Wolf of Wall Street and The Barefoot Contessa and Hotel Portofino, and the coast of Imperia in The Bourne Identity. And there are the scenarios conjured up by great writers such as Calvino and Pirandello, and contemporary authors such as André Aciman. You can now relive the films, TV series and books that made you fall in love in the Ligurian landscapes that hosted them.


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Arthouse itineraries

Follow paths that retrace the life and works of great writers, Ligurian scenes of Oscar-winning storylines: secret nooks and places that have inspired international films. Choose a film, a TV series or a book and relive your itinerary of the heart in Liguria.

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A twist, that moment when a story sparks something in us! Here are some tips, gems, places and adventures selected by La Mia Liguria to make you feel this emotion. 

Luca, think about it. Every day, we'll ride some place new. And every night we'll sleep under the fish. No-one to tell us what to do. Just you and me out there. Free

Art & Movie Experience

Go for a swim among the mermaids and "sea monsters" together with Luca, take a boat tour to spend a day worthy of Leonardo DiCaprio, or follow an itinerary to retrace footsteps of Italo Calvino in San Remo. Browse and book your favourite experiences and enjoy an Oscar-winning holiday in Liguria.