Liguria turns red

Experience the state of calm typical of the cold season but in a more than pleasant climate. Like the crown of a tree, autumn in Liguria offers shimmering shades, scents and flavours. 

autumn in Liguria

The beaches become quiet once again, the little streets in the villages prepare to host festivals and parties, the shape and colour of the plant life transforms. Liguria bids farewell to the summer fervour and prepares for a season of transition but with a renewed heart: it's autumn, the best time to get to know this land.

Autumn paints the Ligurian landscapes with warm colours and a clear light. It opens the doors to new experiences to discover yourself slowly, thoroughly, through all the senses. Walk or cycle along coastal or mountain paths, admire the foliage of forests and parks, smell the aromas of ripe grapes, taste the typical flavour of chestnuts, mushrooms and lemons from the Cinque Terre and pumpkin at festivals and taverns in the villages.




That explosion of flavours that reveals sensations you've never felt before, that view that makes your eyes shine with wonder, that experience that everyone should have.

This is the WOW factor that makes a trip to Liguria a memory to keep for a lifetime and a story to share with the people you love.


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