How to get to Liguria by car, train, plane, bus and how to get around the region, including in a sustainable way. Discover the mobility solutions recommended by La Mia Liguria.

How to get there

The main motorways leading to Liguria are:

• A 6 (E 717) Torino-Savona
• A 7 (E 25) Genova-MilanoA 10 (E 80) Genova-Ventimiglia
• A 12 (E 80) Genova-La Spezia
• A 15 La Spezia-Parma
• A 26 Alessandria-Genova

The four provinces of Genoa, Imperia, Savona and La Spezia and the main Ligurian towns are connected by motorways.
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The Ligurian railway network crosses almost the entire region and connects the four provinces of Genoa, Imperia, Savona and La Spezia, the main towns of the two coasts of Ponente and Levante and the hinterland. There are two main directions, namely

• The "Direction of Levante": Genova Brignole - La Spezia;
• The "Direction of Ponente": Genova Brignole – Ventimiglia.

There are 14 railway lines in terms of origin-destination:
•La Spezia – Ventimiglia (La Spezia is part of the Tyrrhenian route for Rome, Naples and the south)
• Genova - Milano
• Genova - Alessandria
• Savona - Alessandria
• Savona - Torino
• Ventimiglia - Cuneo

Genova Piazza Principe and Genova Brignole are two of the most important Italian train stations. They are the largest and best served in the region. From here, trains arrive and depart to and from the main Italian cities, such as Milan, Turin, Rome and Bologna.

For more information see the Trenitalia website

In Liguria you will find two civil airports, one in Genoa and one in Villanova d'Albenga. 

Genoa Airport
The "Cristoforo Colombo" airport in Genoa connects Liguria with the main Italian and European cities through scheduled flights with national and international airlines. The airport is located in Genoa Sestri Ponente (6km from the city centre) and can be reached by:
- VolaBus AMT
- Railway line at the Genova Sestri Ponente Airport stop with the Air Link Train + BUS route
- By motorway via the Genova-Aeroporto motorway toll booth.

You can find all the details and current situation on the airport website via this link:

Villanova d'Albenga Airport
The "Clemente Panero" airport in Villanova d'Albenga is located a few kilometres from the main tourist resorts on the Riviera di Ponente and the French Riviera. For more information visit the Albenga Airport website

Other airports
Liguria is also accessible from airports in the surrounding regions, such as San Giusto in Pisa; Malpensa and Linate in Milan; Orio al Serio in Bergamo; Nice Airport in the French Riviera.

How to get around

In the capitals and in some other cities there are urban areas regulated by limited traffic zones with parking discs. The blue area with a fee is for residents; the light blue island with a fee is for everyone. We advise you to check each individual situation and payment method on a case-by-case basis.

All the municipalities of the region are connected by state and provincial roads that reach the towns of the two rivieras and those of the hinterland. The Ligurian coast is crossed by state road no. 1 Aurelia (SS1), which is one of the main communication routes.

If you prefer the train, keep in mind that the two stations of Genova Piazza Principe and Genova Brignole are in the centre of the regional railway network and the Genoa metro system.

There is a Sala Blu (Blue Room) at the Genova Piazza Principe station where people with reduced mobility can receive more information and assistance. Anyone interested can send an email to:

Once you arrive in the main cities you can take advantage of the various urban and suburban transport services: taxis, coaches that take you towards the inland, the coast or small towns, and buses. 

From terms of urban mobility, in Genoa you can get around with an integrated travel pass that includes buses/lifts/funiculars and rack railways/metro/train. 

For information on data, schedules and networks, we invite you to contact the four main Ligurian transport companies: AMT Genoa – Riviera Trasporti (Imperia) – TPL (Savona) – ATC (La Spezia).

For a complete overview of the timetables, routes, connections and travel times to go throughout the region by train, bus or metro you can consult the Orario Trasporti website

Finally, sea lovers have the opportunity to take boat trips thanks to several companies that manage ship, bus and sea transport. Each marine location has its own connections, which may vary depending on weather and sea conditions.

In particular, discover the connections to and from Genoa - Portofino, Golfo Paradiso and Golfo del Tigullio – Cinque Terre – Portovenere and Golfo di La Spezia – Laigueglia, the islands and the Riviera di Ponente.

Sustainable mobility

There are many of them and they are constantly growing. Very often they have been based on the traces of the former railway tracks that once ran along the coast. The bike paths of Liguria certainly have a uniqueness that makes them beautiful: they are next to the sea and perfect as connecting roads and tourist attractions.

The Ponente Ligure cycle path, also known as the Rivera dei Fiori, is probably the most famous: 24 kilometres of routes connect many places in Imperia, from San Lorenzo al Mare to Ospedaletti, passing through Costarainera, Cipressa, Santo Stefano al Mare, Taggia and Sanremo. You can reach the various stops by train, where bicycles can be transported free of charge. Don't worry if you haven't brought your bike though: you will find several rental points, bicycle shops and refreshment points along the way. 

The Lungomare Europa bike path, one of the simplest and most pleasant in Liguria, runs between Arenzano and Varazze. The beauty of this cycling-pedestrian track probably lies in the series of tunnels that run along it – the track here was also created where the train once passed – but also in the wonderful view of the sea and the rocks on this stretch of western coast.

Levante is home to the famous "Maremonti" track: the cycle path between Framura, Bonassola and Levanto. It runs along the old railway line and in some sections it extends into the nineteenth century railway tunnels. Each tunnel opens up to reveal a wonderful landscape, with beaches, coves on the sea, cliffs and unspoilt nature. 

In the hinterland of Tigullio, the Ardesiacycle route starts from Lavagna. Spanning 35 kilometres in length, it crosses many villages and also the course of the river Entella, cited in the Divine Comedy by Dante as a "beautiful river".

A city made of hills, Genoa offers many opportunities to get around in a green way

The first and most obvious is to take a walk, which you can do comfortably to visit the historic centre. You also have the typical lifts, funiculars and racks rails managed by the AMT transport company for truly fascinating vertical mobility. 

And then there is ZENAbyBIKE, the Genoese bike sharing station-based service: 16 bike stations and 100 bicycles, 74 traditional bikes and 26 with assisted pedalling, to get around the city along roughly 50 kilometres of cycle paths.

For tourists and occasional users, there are also rates for one or three days without limits on how much you can use them throughout the day. There is also a bike sharing service in Finale Ligure with a reservation system in the urban areas of Finale Ligure, Finalborgo and Varigotti

You can also find bike sharing in Sestri Levante, managed by Mediterraneo Servizi: having been optimised and renewed, it now offers a fleet of 40 bicycles distributed across the seven cycle stations in the area. 

A service was recently launched in La Spezia with 90 new yellow bikes available to citizens and tourists, which can be booked through the Bicincittà App. If you are already a subscriber, the service will be free throughout the day.

The Alta Via dei Monti Liguri is a true ecological highway that passes along Liguria's ridges. To get ready for your trip you can use the downloadable and/or printable "cycle guide": 15 looping routes tested by expert bikers, at your disposal for exciting excursions on the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri. 

Originally created as a hiking trail, the Alta Via winds along on stretches of route that are often ideal for mountain biking. 

Many stages, often the most panoramic, are easily cycled; others have uneven passages, steep climbs, rocky steps or narrow roads that can make using a bicycle problematic. In these stretches, experienced and well-trained bikers can proceed on foot or, in the rare more arduous stretches, carry their bikes on their shoulders.

There is nothing more ecological for those who love the sea than sailing. Liguria is the region of Italy with the most Blue Flag certified berths and offers numerous destinations to set a course for in a few hours. 

Each marina also has nautical centres that rent boats. The opportunities are not to be missed: you can start from the Marina of Andora to discover the wonders and the most beautiful views of Liguria's western Riviera. 

Alternatively, set out from Varazze and Loano, where there are other marinas well equipped to follow the coast between Celle Ligure, Albissola, Vado Ligure, Bergeggi, Spotorno, Varigotti and Finale Ligure. 

Departing from Marina delle Grazie or Marina di Portovenere you can enjoy a fantastic day on a boat at Cinque Terre, while leaving the Marina di Genova you sail towards San Fruttuoso, Paraggi, Portofino, Rapallo, Santa Margherita Ligure and the Gulf of Tigullio.