About us

Get to know the Agenzia In Liguria team

The "in Liguria" Agency TEAM works every day with operators, tourists, citizens and institutions to promote Liguria in Italy and across the world to highlight its value and contribute to its economic growth.

Our main objectives are:

  • to promote the creation of a "Ligurian System" that includes all the Region's excellence (tourism, food and wine, craftsmanship, historical-cultural, environmental-landscape and all other types of excellence) so that they multiply their value and can be presented in their uniqueness
  • to enhance Liguria's reputation as an international "all season" tourist destination enjoyed by an increasing number of tourists and travellers from all over the world seeking authenticity, beauty, sustainability and quality of life
  • to increase the attraction of human capital, investments, major events, film and television productions, and everything that brings growth

Head of the Promotion, Communication, Marketing and Web Sector
Francesca Montaldo: f.montaldo@agenziainliguria.it, socialteam@agenziainliguria.it

Responsible for community projects and financial resources
Luigi Barlocco: l.barlocco@agenziainliguria.it

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