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Trolley suitcase, smartphone, camera, map and timetable. This small selection of objects is indispensable for those who love to explore every city in the world, taking in the art, culture, food and nightlife. 


Every time the weekend comes around, do you feel an uncontrollable urge to pack your suitcase and go? In amongst the wonderful views of the sea and the riches of the hinterland, there are also cities of art in Liguria: they will satisfy your desire for something new, knowledge, wonder and the world.

The thousand faces of Genoa: elegant, fun, multicultural, maritime, theatrical, musical, tasty, nocturnal. Then there are also the museums of La Spezia, the architectural works of Savona, the double soul of Imperia. You will arrive with a trolley suitcase and leave with baggage full of anecdotes, memories, snapshots and stories.


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City itineraries

Endless streets branch off from the Doge's Palace, each with a unique history and personality. Which one will you take? Browse all the city break itineraries in Liguria and set off now!

Every time you travel, you take hundreds of photos, but then you only post the ones that make you say WOW. We do it, too! Here are WOW tips, gems, places and adventures selected by La Mia Liguria. 

When one goes to Genoa, every time it is as if they had managed to escape from themselves

Genoa & City Break Experience

Visits to the city's historic parks, city games to discover the hidden treasures among the "caruggi", tours dedicated to art, flavours and maritime culture, and wellness experiences in spas. Browse and book your favourite experiences and enjoy your city break in Liguria.