Liguria for wellness lovers

Wellness is not a day at the spa, a massage or a healthy meal. Wellness is a lifestyle, a personal way of touching every sensation and living every experience. 


To regenerate means to empty your mind of all that is superfluous and to regain full contact with the essence of yourself, of the world, of life. It is giving yourself time to find yourself immersed in a healing and pleasant experience in places that act as a panacea for the eyes.

Look out over a cliff to admire the sea, jump on your bike to feel the wind on your face, sit on the sand to do yoga, relax every corner of your body, and dedicate yourself to a tasting experience to sample historic flavours.

To feel good you need to find your own happy place. Whatever yours is, it's in Liguria.


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Wellness itineraries

Nature trails on the coast or in the high roads, horseback riding and yoga by the sea, and artistic, poetic, musical and spiritual stops. Browse the most regenerating itineraries in Liguria and take some time to explore them.

The scent of the sea, the flavours of the earth, the warmth of the sun and the thermal water. Sensations that make you close your eyes and whisper WOW. Here are some tips, gems, places and adventures selected by La Mia Liguria to make you feel that emotion.

Liguria. The sea in the your hair, the smell of summer your nostrils, and the bougainvillea that catch your eyes.

Regeneration Experience

Activities in contact with nature, spiritual experiences, relaxing massages, days at the spa. Browse and book your favourite experiences and rediscover your essence in Liguria.