The Agoraie Nature Reserve: a small paradise which is new of its kind

The Aveto Regional Natural Park is well-known for its naturalistic importance and high concentration of biodiversity.

In 1971, a protected reserve was established in the Rezzoaglio area: the Oriented Nature Reserve of Agoraie, which today can only be visited by participating in guided excursions organised by the Aveto Park Authority. If you love sports and nature, an excursion to this reserve must definitely be on your list of places to visit.

If you love the stories of the Ligurian territories, prick up your ears and discover what lies within this reserve! In the heart of the Lame state forest, among beech and spruce forests, a group of small lakes is what makes the Agoraie Reserve even more fascinating. During the last ice age thousands of years ago, a glacier filled the present-day valley floor.

After retreating, the depressions that had emerged in the ground were filled by the frozen water, creating six small lakes. Today, 4 of them are visible all year round, while 2 are only seasonal. The very peculiar climate of these areas has allowed some species typical of the northernmost areas to survive even at such a close distance from the sea, only 15 km as the crow flies.

The four perennial lakes are Lago degli Abeti, Lago Riondo, Agoraie di Mezzo and Agoraie di Fondo or Stagno Grande; the two seasonal lakes are Pozza degli Abeti and Stagno Piccolo.

The most unique and suggestive lake is certainly the Lago degli Abeti, which is 7 metres deep: its name derives from the presence of silver fir trunks on the bottom, which have been present for more than 2,500 years, when the ancient Romans crossed these territories.

Stop to observe the fir trees surrounding the lake and the shades of blue and green of the crystal-clear water creating an almost surreal atmosphere.

The Reserve also hosts all the local fauna: among the special species you can come across the Alpine frog, some varieties of newts, the blind mole and the mallard. We continue the itinerary to discover Lake Agoraie di Mezzo and Lake Riondo: the two bodies of water are partially buried. Finally, Lake Agoraie di Fondo is now a wet meadow that has reached the final stage of lake evolution. Studies show that this lake was originally quite deep, reaching a depth of 15 metres.