Discover the Cinque Terre on Montale’s trails

Vineyards. Poetry. Lemons. The Cinque Terre are a world to discover. Here are some ideas!

Sky, sea, rows of vineyards and thousands of kilometers of dry-stone walls, a Unesco World Heritage Site. The Cinque Terre are a special place in every season for their powerful beauty. Here is a series of excursions to enjoy these extraordinary spot.

In the Eugenio Montale literary park
A journey in the historic center of Monterosso and along ancient trails and vineyards clinging to kilometers of terraced strips. You will take a breath into the scents of poetry at every step. It is among these sea, land and Mediterranean bush suggestions – as well as between sunny summers and overhanging rocks – that the 1975 Nobel prize winner Eugenio Montale found inspiration for many of his lyrics. Today an important literary park is dedicated to him.

The Sanctuaries Road of the Cinque Terre
A trek on sacred path, along the Santuaries Road of the Cinque Terre. Among trail, vineyards and places of the spirit: La Spezia, Fabiano Alto, Porto Venere, Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso.

Lemons and vineyards of Monterosso
A walk through the vineyards and through the dazzling yellow of the famous Monterosso lemons. The rhymes of Montale, the light and scents of Liguria, waiting for the famous Monterosso Lemon Festival.

A trekking on the hills of Manarola, walking through the vineyards between Groppo and Volastra. You will discover the ingenious little trains used for the harvest, and will return to Manarola, a romantic village overlooking the sea.

Landscapes, culture and flavors of Riomaggiore
A visit to Riomaggiore is worthful. Ita is a village literally snatched from the sea, with its dry-stone walls, fishing boats moored on the shore and colored houses all around. A scenario immortalized by painters, photographers, and artists. Don’t forget to sip a glass of one of the two wines produced in the area: the white D.O.C. and the Sciacchetrà, one of Italy’s finest raisin wines.