Liguria’s secret beaches

Cliffs shaped by the winds. Remote bays in the blue. Coves in the green. These are Liguria’s secret beaches!

Calandre Beach in Ventimiglia
Possibly the last Italian beach, or the first for those coming from France, the Calandre beach in Ventimiglia is a stretch of golden shoreline surrounded by wild vegetation. It is frequented by a community of sea purists or surfers who, when there is the right wave, come down from Piedmont or neighbouring France by word of mouth. Its size may vary, depending on the mistral. A paradise to be saved from speculation. Images are taken from:

Lido delle Sirene in Bergeggi
Facing the island of Bergeggi, the Lido delle Sirene is a truly remote corner. To reach it, you have to descend 187 steps, which are also accessible for children. Almost black pebbles make this crystal-clear bay even more beautiful. The historic Lido delle Sirene establishment occupying a portion of the bay provides all services. Next to this bay, which can be reached by sea or a small stairway, is the more secret Punta Prodani, an enchanting Mediterranean promontory. Sometimes Lido delle Sirene may be inaccessible due to sea storms. In that case, you can make up for it at one of Bergeggi’s beautiful beaches.

Punta Crena
The cove of Punta Crena is a little secret corner that can be reached by boat or by a very impervious path overhanging the sea. Many believe that it is the most beautiful beach in Liguria and among the most beautiful in Italy.

San Fruttuoso di Camogli
An ancient medieval abbey with balconies reflecting the blue sea. A perfect bay completely surrounded by extraordinary greenery. San Fruttuoso di Camogli is a dream come true. There are two ways to get there, one easy and one difficult: either you take the long (and tiring, but extraordinary) path from San Rocco di Camogli to Semaforo Nuovo on foot, or you reach it comfortably with the ferries frequently departing from Camogli and Santa Margherita Ligure. You can choose how to conquer it, but the excitement is worth it!

Cala del Pozzale on Palmaria Island
In the Gulf of Poets, in front of the Tino Island, on the western side of the beautiful Palmaria Island, there is Cala del Pozzale, also known as the Spiaggia dei Gabbiani. It can be accessed by water buses from Spezia and Portovenere. It is a pebbly bay with well-polished stones, surrounded by magnificent natural scenery, with white cliffs covered with bright green pine groves. For more information:

Punta Corvo
The most inaccessible beach in eastern Liguria, but also the most satisfying: Punta Corvo can be reached by a steep path from Montemarcello. You pass through dense holm oak and pine groves until, after a steep descent, you catch a glimpse of the sea and hear the waves and their undertow. There are no establishments here, and on the sand you will find seagulls’ footprints: once you get there, you will feel like a Robinson Crusoe who discovered something new. Getting back is hard, and not only because of the steep path!