5 Places to Taste Autumn in Liguria

Autumn is also coming to the table: here are 5 places where you’ll be left surprised by the taste and colours of autumn in Liguria! 
Among the traditional dishes based on mushrooms, pumpkin or chestnuts, to the precious truffle and the unmistakable taste of the Taggiasca olive; lose yourself in the flavours of a territory dotted with medieval villages, ancient legends and breathtaking views. 

A jump to Val Bormida for the Millesimo Truffle 


It smells of the forest, it smells of autumn. Loved by exquisite palates, recognised by its exciting smell; the truffle, white or black, an extraordinary treasure of the woods, holds within itself the real history and culture of the territory.

Millesimo, the city of truffles, is a village in the province of Savona that from Friday 29th September to Sunday 1st October 2023 will host the Val Bormida National Truffle Festival. Don’t miss out on this delicious opportunity to better enjoy the beginning of the autumn season in Liguria, discovering the 9 different edible variants of truffles thoroughly guarded by the tradition of research, quarrying and truffle cultivation of the city; an authentic art handed down from father to son since ancient times.

The triumph of the mushrooms among, Bardineto, Masone and Val di Vara

Funghi porcini
Porcini mushrooms

It is amid the undisputed lords of autumn flavors: the mushroom. A delicious gift of the woods, it is celebrated quite a bit on the tables across Liguria, from West to East. Among the events to be put on the calendar in mid-September is the not-to-be missed National Festival of the Golden Mushroom of Bardineto. This is a traditional event that gathers enthusiasts and gourmets to the province of Savona, the Mushroom Festival of Masone, a town in the Genoese inland area and the event of Tavarone, in Val di Vara, where by the end of August you can taste the delicious porcini mushrooms.

From Rocchetta di Cengio to Murta to everything… pumpkin!

Zucche in mostra a Murta (GE)
Pumpkins on display in Murta (GE)

There are two main places in Liguria where pumpkin is the undisputed queen: Rocchetta di Cengio, in the province of Savona, and Murta, located in the Genoese area.
On the weekend of Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th of October, In Rocchetta; Zucca in piazza celebrates the precious local cucurbita, which was saved in 2005 by Slow Food when only a few seeds were left. Having become a gastronomic stronghold of the territory between Cengio, Murialdo, Millesimo and Cosseria; the orange queen of autumn in Liguria is the protagonist of an irresistible event dedicated to conviviality, top quality food and wine, the promotion of its territory and the culture of good food.
In Murta, a pleasant village in the uplands of Genoa in Valpolcevera, the parish of San Martino sets up yearly the now historic exhibition Dall’A… Pumpkin. All about cucurbits. The event is typically organised for the first two weekends of November, with the traditional prizes for the largest, the longest, smallest, most colourful and “weird” pumpkins. Aside from the shows, culture and history, there are food stands with pumpkin dishes and tastings of young white wine.

Chestnut, a treasure of Andagna and the Ligurian valleys 

The chestnut hedgehog

In the peasant tradition, the fruit of the chestnut is considered the “bread of the poor” for its low cost, its high diffusion and the delicacy of recipes such as castagnaccio. Since ancient times, chestnuts have been enjoyed in different ways: roasted on the fire, boiled, baked or dried therefore distinguishing itself for its ability to satisfy even the most varied of tastes. 

Starting from early October you will have the opportunity to taste it at various themed events that will animate autumn in Liguria; from the famous Chestnut Festival of Andagna in Valle Argentina, scheduled for Sunday 8 October, to the events of the splendid medieval village of Dego, located between the Rio Grillero and the Bormida di Spigno, Valfontanabuona and Rossiglione: one of the capitals of berries. 

The Taggiasca olive, pearl of Western Liguria

Oliva Taggiasca
Oliva Taggiasca

The Taggiasca olive is typical in all of Western Liguria, in particular, the province of Imperia. With its aromatic and fruity taste, it is the most valuable and well-known olive variety of Liguria. Despite its little-in-size pulp, this authentic excellence of the territory boasts a very high oil content (25-26%).
Characterised by an enormous value and yellow in color, with a yellow-green variant in Savona, this particular oil has an intense and delicate aroma and is renowned for its lightness and velvety sweet flavour. Between November and February you can take a tour of the villages in the valleys of Imperia, letting yourself be conquered by the scent and taste of the new oil! If you have time, don’t miss Olioliva, an event running from the 3rd to 5th of November that will celebrate the priceless gold in the territory of Imperia.