Liguria lights up Christmas with a Grand Show

The Liguria region lights up Christmas with a grand Christmas Show on Friday, December 8th, 2023.

Choirs, music, choreography, and above all, lots and lots of lights will fill Piazza De Ferrari in Genoa. The event, in collaboration with the Municipality of Genoa and IREN, starts at 4pm with the distribution of focaccia and pandolcini, setting a festive atmosphere. At 5pm, the stage will host the Carlo Felice White Voices Choir, introducing the Broadway and Radio City Hall-style Christmas Show. The captivating performance features rhythms, costumes, colours, choreography, and arrangements from a grand orchestra.

Twelve artists, 8 dancers, and 4 solo voices will lead to the highlight of the evening: the magical countdown for lighting the large Christmas tree. An unforgettable moment as the buildings in Piazza De Ferrari light up one by one, culminating in the illumination of the festive red spruce donated by the Lombardy Region.

The event concludes with the SisterArs Gospel choir, consisting of 15 singers directed by Irina Arozarena, performing classic Christmas spirituals. Come to Genoa and find yourself enchanted in the great Christmas fairy tale!

Christmas Show, la Liguria accende il Natale
Christmas Show, Liguria lights up Christmas