#Pesto: a masterpiece of Liguria

The initiative by the Region of Liguria for the World Travel Market in London: from November 6th to 8th, 2023: basil, mortar and pestle on the Thames

Maybe we’ve gone too far this time: we want to take pesto around the world…

That’s right, after the world’s longest Genoese focaccia, one of Liguria‘s typical products and flavours faces another exciting challenge. Pesto made in a mortar, the green pride of Genoa, is leaving Liguria, Italy, to conquer England!
From November 6th to 8th, 2023, on the River Thames, Londoners will witness a large mortar with a pestle and basil leaves, ready to prepare pounds and pounds of exquisite fragrant sauce.

Set up on a barge that will travel along the famous London river, it will be the quirkiest event at WTM, the World Travel Market in London, one of the most important exhibitions for tourism operators worldwide where Liguria will be showcasing its tradition, taste, and flavours. Organised by the Region of Liguria, this is an initiative to promote the region as an excellent destination for tourists.

The barge will depart from the Royal Docks and, with a river tour in the heart of London, will aim to win over the Londoners (and brits) while making stops along the way to engage citizens and the curious. It will turn into an immersive area where they can learn how to prepare pesto in a mortar and enjoy tastings and giveaways. It will also host one of the semifinals of the World Pesto Championship.
The tradition, taste, and flavour of pesto will ignite a strong desire for Liguria.

#Pesto, masterpiece of Liguria

#Pesto, masterpiece of Liguria