Dolceacqua as seen by Monet

In the capital of the famous Rossese wine, beneath the ancient Doria Castle, wandering through medieval alleys.

Dolceacqua captures your heart and leaves a mark in your memories. We are in the land of Riviera Ligure Dop olive oil, Taggiasca olives, and, above all, Rossese di Dolceacqua DOC wine – all reasons worth a visit and a stay.

Whether it’s the medieval atmosphere, the ruins of the Doria Castle perched on top of the hill, or the dramatic Roman bridge with its humpbacked arch over the Nervia River, everything seems harmoniously arranged to welcome and guide you on your discovery. The narrow alleyways, or “caruggi,” winding their way up to the castle through a labyrinth of steep ascents, staircases crowned by stone arches connecting palaces and houses, are rich in suggestion. The light filters with difficulty, creating a magical and surreal atmosphere.

Claude Monet was also enchanted by the spell of this place, capturing it in four paintings. At the foot of the castle is one of the locations of the Regional Enoteca of Liguria. The first DOC of Liguria was awarded to Rossese di Dolceacqua, an excellent ruby-red wine with a soft, aromatic, and sweet taste, with a minimum alcohol content of 12.5 degrees. The surrounding olive groves provide Taggiasca olives, which are characteristic of the extra virgin olive oil from Riviera Ligure Dop. To savor the local specialties, there is the “Festa della Michetta” on August 16th, featuring a small sweet brioche-like pastry in the shape of an oval. Another local delicacy is the “barbagiuai,” which are fried pockets made from ravioli dough and a puree of boiled pumpkin with the addition of sharp Bruss cheese.

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