Pumpkin Coloured Village: Cengio in Autumn

In autumn, Cengio is coloured with pumpkins. The village of Rocchetta di Cengio transforms into a palate wonder at zero kilometres. 

Inland of Savona, a stone’s throw from Piedmont and amid the green meadows of Liguria, lies the small and colourful pumpkin village, Rocchetta di Cengio.

A timeless delicacy

The ancient squash cultivated in the Bormida Valley was consumed during famine years as it required minimal care and processing. Legend has it that Columbus carried it to America. This product is synonymous with the region, earning the DE.CO mark in 2014, being the only pumpkin with certified and guaranteed traceability. 

Zucca Rocchetta di Cengio
Pumpkin being picked in Rocchetta di Cengio

The Blueprint of a Pumpkin

Each pumpkin, cultivated in accordance with guidelines by member producers, is marked during registration with specimen number, weight, and producer’s number. This information is then stored on a label whose thread passes through the stem, on the adhesive logo, and on its identity card, allowing restaurateurs, for example, to certify authenticity in their menus: http://www.lazuccadirocchetta.it

Zucca, Rocchetta di Cengio
Pumpkins of Rocchetta di Cengio

The Recipe

Transform this excellence into a delight for the taste buds with a Pumpkin (savoury) Pie. As good as it is simple to prepare, perfect for a study or work break. Let’s put on the apron and make it together! Prepare the dough with flour, oil, salt, and cold water. While it rests for about 20 minutes, move on to the filling, sautéing pumpkin and leek, adding rice, Parmesan, eggs, and pepper. Roll out the dough with a rolling pin and by hand, spread it on the baking sheet, then pour and level the filling. Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes, and it’s ready to be served at the tables of Liguria.