TravelArt – Liguria City Game is a project aimed at promoting and enhancing the artistic and cultural heritage of Ligurian cities through the medium of gaming. It is a Mystery Game that allows you to become the protagonist and engage with art. Guide a lost traveler or embark on a virtual journey through the labyrinthine intricacies of Liguria: to do so, solve the mysteries scattered across the region and be the first to reach the finish line!

All you have to do is download the LaMiaLiguria app, access the TravelArt section, and set off on a virtual journey through the mazes of Liguria.

Get lost in these networks of wonders, learn to notice the details, solve puzzles, and sharpen your wit to find the exit! The only requirements to win are curiosity and a desire to have fun!

The loss of the center, the challenge, the wit, and the confusion in order to discover and find oneself are all themes connected to the labyrinth. They characterise the experience of those who have traversed the mazes of the typical alleys of Ligurian cities and villages.

How did TravelArt begin?

TravelArt was launched in 2019 with a dedicated treasure hunt event! A fully digital experience aimed at discovering hidden curiosities in every corner of Liguria, eagerly awaiting an upcoming live edition!

It is a project by Agenzia In Liguria, Fondazione Carige, LaMiaLiguria.

The entire project was conceived to be a true cultural experience, starting with the intention of engaging citizens, tourists, and local stakeholders to achieve the goal of experiencing Ligurian art through entertaining initiatives.

The objectives of the project are:

  • Proposing itineraries and cultural routes based on a gaming logic to engage a broader audience beyond the usual target of cultural tourism
  • Showcasing the beauties and cultural richness of the region, discovering that simply walking through the streets of Liguria allows you to get lost in a maze of curiosities, puzzles, and surprising details
  • Enjoying the hidden treasures of Liguria in an innovative way
  • Contributing to the construction of the narrative heritage of the territory

TravelArt: why Liguria?

Often, the narrow streets of Liguria, both in the historic centres of cities and in the villages that dot the territory from east to west, are associated with mazes due to their layout, intricate paths that climb and intertwine, giving life to secret geometries.

If we use a bit of suggestion and imagination, we can also find labyrinthine features in the famous “risseu,” the typical pebble mosaics, in the patterns of precious damasks handcrafted by skilled artisans, in the gardens of spectacular villas, or in the intricate designs of filigree jewellery.

How to use TravelArt

Download the LaMiaLiguria app on your smartphone and access the TravelArt section. Challenge yourself in solving puzzles and put your skills to the test in a digital journey to discover these beauties through curious games and virtual mazes. You can then choose to retrace this adventure in a real cultural experience on the territory.

What is hidden in the mazes:

The game involves a journey that unfolds through six mazes, within which you can travel far and wide across Liguria, from East to West.

Each maze is composed of various puzzles: details to uncover, anagrams to solve, puzzles to reconstruct, and anecdotes to jot down in a notebook for a real-life visit to the places you virtually explore.

Embark on a virtual journey: you’ll emerge from the mazes full of curiosity and the desire to lose yourself and find yourself among the streets and treasures of Liguria.

Are you ready to get lost in the mazes of Liguria?

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