Historic Vineyards of Liguria

The passion for heroic and historic vineyards in Liguria is powerful and very obvious. It is a heroic passion that exalts history, flavour, and love for the land.

Heroic or historic vineyards represent a unique national phenomenon: vineyards and winemakers who cultivate and produce in particularly challenging areas, such as Liguria with its inherent complexities, or those who use ancient techniques. The Liguria Region created a list in 2023, and in just over a year, it has become clear how much interest this topic has sparked among producers; indeed, there are already more than 1,400 vineyard plots registered.

Grapes from a local vineyard

What and Where are the Heroic Vineyards

They are in the steepest areas of Liguria, some very famous for their uniqueness, like the Cinque Terre, where the famous Sciacchetrà is produced and where unique production methods exist in the world. Or like Rossese, named so because it derives from the term “Roccese,” meaning produced among the rocks. And the mind naturally goes to those villages that ancient Ligurian visitors of the western Riviera called “rock villages,” such as Dolceacqua, Soldano, Rocchetta Nervina. From a regulatory perspective, heroic vineyards are those located in areas subject to hydrogeological risk or in areas where mechanisation of work is difficult or have particular landscape and environmental value. Currently, their surface area is 1,253,000 hectares; half of which are in the province of Imperia.


The Historic Vineyards

Historic vineyards are defined as those whose presence is recorded in a specific area before 1960 and whose cultivation is characterised by the use of traditional practices and techniques tied to the local physical and climatic environments, with strong ties to the territory. Currently, their Ligurian surface area is 44,428 hectares. Heroic and historic vineyards also serve as an inspiration for a visit to Liguria: a landscape where nature and human endeavor integrate perfectly.

Vineyard in Dolceacqua

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