Alassio: National Festival of Cuisine with Flowers

‘Cooking with flowers’ will take place in Alassio with the National Festival of Cooking with Flowers. From April 12th to 15th, 2024

In Alassio, during spring, flowers are on the menu! The National Festival of Cooking with Flowers does exactly what it sets out to do: focus on the culinary aspect of flowers, combined, as tradition dictates, with other local products such as olive oil, local wines, and various De.Co products.

The event

From April 12th to 15th, the event will take place in various locations in Alassio: from the “Giancardi Galilei Aicardi” Hotel Institute to the Alassio Marina and the Diana GH, where tasty events dedicated to experiences with flowers will be held. Unforgettable taste experiences, innovative dishes, and valuable advice from experts such as Raverabio,, and Perlecò Gelateria.

The programme

At the National Festival of Cooking with Flowers in Alassio, you can choose from tastings, show cooking, educational sessions, and meetings with chefs, companies, journalists, and industry operators organised by the Tavolozza Restaurants Association. Four days for all lovers of good cuisine and enthusiasts of trekking and foraging (the gathering of wild herbs and plants). Patrizio Roversi and Claudio Porchia will take care of storytelling.

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