FAI Autumn Days 2023

The twelfth edition of FAI Autumn Days, a national event to explore the beauty near you. Discover the places open on Saturday, October 14, and Sunday, October 15, 2023. 

Sometimes, marveling is easy and closer than you think! On Saturday, October 14, and Sunday, October 15, 2023, even in Liguria, with FAI Autumn Days, it can be easy to discover hidden treasures around the corner, such as palaces, villas, churches, castles, museums, villages, and archaeological areas that are usually inaccessible. 

What exactly is FAI Days? 

The FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano or Italian National Trust) is responsible for protecting Italian artistic and natural heritage and raising people’s awareness about the value of the landscape and monuments. To achieve this, it periodically organises days when, with a minimal contribution intended to support the foundation, you can visit valuable or usually inaccessible places. The event relies on the collaboration of young volunteers from the FAI Foundation, opening and making hundreds of places accessible throughout Italy, which includes 20 in Liguria. 


The 20 open places in Liguria 

These locations are usually inaccessible or unique and original initiatives designed to discover less-known and less-visited rooms, collections, or historical centres. Discover where these spots are in Liguria! 


San Fruttuoso Abbey in Camogli 

Camogli Social Theater 

Camogli Maritime Museum 

Gustavo Modena Theater in Samperdarena 

Casa Carbone – Guided tour of the house and garden in Lavagna 

Casa e Collezione Laura in Ospedaletti 

Carlo Carli Olive Museum in Imperia 

Oneglia – Urban Center in Imperia 

Historical District of Vezzano Superiore in Vezzano Ligure (SP) 

Church of San Sebastiano and Santa Maria in Vezzano Ligure (SP) 

Church of Nostra Signora del Soccorso in Vezzano Ligure (SP) 

Romanesque Church of Santa Maria in Vezzano Ligure (SP) 

Historical District of Vezzano Inferiore in Vezzano Ligure (SP) 

Church of San Calocero in Cisano sul Neva (SV) 

Church of San Alessandro in Cisano sul Neva (SV) 

Historical Centre of Cisano sul Neva 

Palazzo Gollo in Cisano sul Neva (SV) 

Rooms of Pope Pius VII – Episcopal Palace in Savona 

Milena, The Art of Living – Milena Milani Collection in Savona 

By Order of His Holiness – The Secrets of Sant’Andrea, The Church of the Jesuits in Savona 


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