Horsewatching in Aveto

In May and June you can see the wild horses of Aveto

Every Sunday in May and on the first three Sundays in June, you can take part in a guided Horsewatching excursion: guide Evelina Isola will take you in search of herds of horses living free in the wild.

Usually you can spot the animals by simply taking an easy, relaxing walk in the beautiful setting of Lake Giacopiane and its surroundings to discover the horse population, which is the only one in Italy living in the wild without any direct contact with humans.

Wild horses in the Aveto Park are the legacy of domestic horses that have worked in the valleys for many years. Since the last owner passed away some 20 years ago, they have remained in the wild, reproducing freely and perfectly adapting to the environment, which provides them with the necessary food, water and land resources to enable them to survive without any contact with humans.
The ethology and ecology of these herds are comparable to those of the wild horses of America and Mongolia. Therefore, both in Italy and in Europe, they are a unique and valuable naturalistic resource for study and observation in the wild and for the relationship with the environment and habitat conservation.

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