Valentine’s Day, falling in love in Camogli

It’s wonderful to fall in love in Camogli, even more on Valentine’s Day. From Saturday, February 10th, to Wednesday, February 14th, 2024, Camogli becomes the ‘town of lovers’.

A colourful village where you can leave your heart. Rowboats pulled ashore, waiting for the sea. And nets laid out to dry, capturing your sighs. Come and fall in love in Camogli!

‘Innamorati a Camogli’ (fall in love in Camogli) is a celebration that involves the entire town of Camogli: those searching for love, those who already have it, those who love to hear stories about it. For the 37th edition, on Valentine’s Day, Camogli, the ‘city of a thousand white sailboats,’ also becomes the city of lovers: numerous cultural events, poetry readings, exhibitions, meetings, and concerts with artists, poets, writers, painters, photographers, and enthusiasts of beauty and love.

The souvenir dish

The restaurants in Camogli will have a menu for couples and will offer the highly sought-after Valentine’s Day Souvenir Dish in Camogli, which features a different image every year. Over the years, it has become a true collector’s item. This year’s design is ‘Infinite Love’ by Ignazio Veutro. The hearts and love knots made from coconut fiber nets hanging in the village will collect messages from lovers: how about adding yours as well?

The Camogli SanValentino 2024 Souvenir Dish

Piatto Camogli, San Valentino 2024
Camogli, San Valentino 2024 Dish

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