58 New Routes for a Spring in the Great Outdoors

The regional inventory of hiking trails in Liguria was updated in 2019 with the addition of 58 new routes covering the entire territory from west to east, with a particular focus on the municipalities of Mele, Molini di Triora, Piana Crixia, Pornassio, Santo Stefano d’Aveto, Sesta Godano, Triora, Riomaggiore, and Zignago.

With this update, the total number of routes has now reached 651, representing an 11.3% increase, covering a total of 4,047 km.

The map was created through the collaboration of the province, the Metropolitan City of Genoa, regional and national park authorities and the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri Association.

For more information: www.regione.liguria.it or www.geoportale.regione.liguria.it