Alta Via H24, where hiking dreams become accessible to everyone

Naturally beautiful, with its heritage of villages, trails, and breathtaking views, the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri is ‘easy’ to explore thanks to the services offered by the Ospitalità Alta Via association at, providing a 24-hour open information channel.

For those who love and can’t resist enjoying the marvelous ca. 440 kilometers connecting Ventimiglia to Ceparana, traversing the entire Liguria along the ridgeline, a unique 24-hour information service is available in Italy.

The online link is active and accessible at, while the highly appreciated telephone service (operational at any time, even on holidays, available in English and French) can be reached at +39.338.1629347.

The operators, experts in Liguria and trekking, will guide you on where to stay, have lunch, dine, or find useful equipment for your activity, depending on your needs and the mode of travel you are using on the Alta Via, whether it’s on foot, on horseback, or mountain biking.

Ospitalità Alta Via

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